3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us Where you Live - Children's room

Love the Show US Where you Live activities posted by blogger Kelly's Korner, lots of fun.

For three years my husband and I battled to begin our family. Three years of tests, surgery's and shots in order to conceive. Then in 2004 God blessed us with the news of our first little miracle and we began the preparations. We were already in the middle of renovations to our home but as soon as we had the wonderful news I told my husband that the "guest" room had moved up on the list and would now be our little ones nursery. I knew that we would be cutting it close on finishing the house before my due date, and I wanted the nusrery 100% done to welcome our little bundle of joy. Of course I couldn't wait for the day we could find out if we were having a boy or girl, no surprises for me, the interior decorator in me needed to know so that I could decorate his or her room.

So when we saw the turtle three months later during our ultrasound, my mind went right to work. Inspired by my fathers love and career in aviation (this is my father at age 2 at an airshow),

and the fact that my husband also worked on helicopters for the Marine Corp. I knew that I wanted to build a theme on aviation. Then while in DC visiting my best friend and her family, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and I found the cutest little poster of a young aviator and that motivated me to keep the theme going, so I purchased the poster and framed it for the first piece of artwork for the room.
My mind whirled with ideas and I remembered a hook rug that my mother had made that had hung on the wall in our home growing up in Connecticut, it was an image of a red biplane on an off white background and I knew if she still had it, that it would be perfect to hang above the crib. So I asked mom it she still had it and sure enough she did, she had it tucked away in a drawer and when we pulled it out it looked a little stained, so in hopes that modern cleaners would not do it damage, I put the rug on gentle cycle with some OxyClean and out came a beautiful new looking rug (air dried of course).

Continuing on the theme I set out to search the fabric stores for fabric that had airplanes on them and when I finally stumbled across a bolt of fabric with antique planes I knew I had found the main fabric that the rest of my color palate would be born from. I choose a wonderful green fabric (inspired by a green plane in the main fabric) that I found for $7 a yard to re-cover my grandmothers rocker and matched the paint to that. Then I placed the drop-leaf-table that my father sat at when he was a kid, against one wall and used it for a changing table. And finally we assembled the crib, so that I could begin measuring it to make all the crib linens. So, for the next 5 months I sewed curtains, a bed skirt, bolster covers for the bumpers, and finally the quilt. I did the quilt last because I wanted to hand stitch stars on each corner and I knew I could do that when I no longer could move around with ease toward the end of the pregnancy. The final result was a room that I love and was a perfect quiet spot in the early days of my young David's life.


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