3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, August 10, 2009

I felt His presence today!

It has been a long time since I have allowed God to bless me in the presence of my church family, so many things have happened in my home church over the past few years that walking through the doors has not filled me. I have had difficulty worshipping in the presence of my church family, sharing with them, laughing with them, it has just been a very difficult time. BUT this past Sunday something changed and God's hand was changing it. I FELT His presence, I FELT His power, I FELT HIM. Maybe it isn't the church that God is changing, but it's me, I don't know.

Along the journey of walking with my Savior every once in a while I become very aware of the mile markers along the road. You know how it is, sometimes we are passing through life so quickly that we don't notice the markers, and other times God slows us down enough to notice because it is significant in our journey with the Master. So lately I have noticed that God is allowing me to slow down (even with a 4 year old and a 2 year old) enough to notice what HE is doing in my life right now. A recently got a call from the sister of my childhood best friend, she was in a hospital and very ill, but wanted to hear my voice. When we were growing up my mother used to encourage me to invite her and her sister to church, and so they attended many services and church functions. Over the years things changed with my friend and she took a very different life path, one that I was not comfortable with and that caused our friendship to drift apart. I always felt guilty, like I didn't work hard enough to share Christ with her. BUT, God blessed me, He allowed my spirits to be encouraged at a moment in my life when I really needed it and He let me know that all those years ago HE had planted seeds through me and now He was allowing me the chance again to tend the seeds some more. Oh what a blessing to feel His presence as I talked to her on the phone whispering encouraging words to my heart and ears. I felt His presence.

Tonight 18-20 of us ladies traveled down to the luau to have a special dinner together and then listen to a group called MasterPeace. I had fully expected to drive my own car down and that maybe a few ladies would ride with me, but I arrived a few moments late and they were already loaded so they invited me to ride with them. Seven of us in a van and I can tell you I have not laughed and chatted so much with these ladies in a while, and it was joyous to be with God's woman and feel His presence of fellowship. Then after a wonderful dinner we moved to the sanctuary and we were richly blessed with the power of His presence again through the words these four beautiful woman sang. As one of them said "we may be of different denominations, but we are one is the sisterhood of Christ". I could not stop singing along and raising my hands in worship to the Heavenly Father.

Oh so blessed to feel His presence TODAY!


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