3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My little man turns 2!!

Today we celebrated Jonathan's 2nd birthday.
It is so hard to believe that 2 years ago today I checked into the hospital in the early hours of the morning to have you Jonathan. You were scheduled to arrive into our lives by planned c-section because mommy had a c-section with your brother Davey and because they were worried about both you and mommy. I had a very long and challenging pregnancy with you JonJon and we spent most of the 2nd half of it in a large red recliner in the doctors office 3 days a week for monitoring. During that time when it was just you and I in the quiet of the room with only the sound of your heart beat surrounding me, I talked and sang a lot of songs to Jesus and your sweet little ears. To this day you stop what you are doing to listen to me sing and if your close enough you brush your hands across my lips, its as if your remembering some of the songs I sang in those moments alone in the big red chair.
Now my little man you are still my little cuddle bug, but you also seem to have so much more energy then I remember your brother Davey having at this same age, and you have NO FEAR. I can not believe how fast you are growing and how much you love exploring your expanding world. In just a few short weeks you will begin your first year of preschool and I am waiting on pins and needles to see if you like school and how much more you will change from being with other kids three more days of the week.
So, today I am looking back:

  • You were 32" at your last Dr. appointment in February

  • You weighed 21 lb. 14 oz.

  • You have started wearing pull ups because you LOVE taking off your clothes and diapers as SOON as you have pee peed or pooed and so we pray you are on the verge of potty training. You have pee peed a few times for us on the potty just before tub time, so we are crossing our fingers that you will be a quicker trainer then big brother.

  • You are a CLIMBER, I can not believe how fast you can get up on something and then get down before you get caught. Which is why several months ago you graduated to a toddler bed since we couldn't keep you in the crib anyway.

  • You are very quick to crawl up in mine or your Dad's lap when your ready for a snuggle, but as soon as the moment passes you run for the hills and back into trouble.

  • You favorite food is any kind of FRUIT.

  • You have traveled to the Adirondack's, Beaufort, SC, and Myrtle, Beach SC.

  • You won't go to sleep without blankie and usually when we go in to check on you after you have gone to sleep, you have pulled Pooh Bear, Shark, and Bear into bed with you.

  • You do what we call "Baby Cussing" when we tell you "NO" or when you don't like what Davey is doing to you.

  • You are a man with attitude wearing diapers ;-)

My little baby, I lay him at the Master's feet daily and pray he will grow to be a man of God and call His name freely. I am praying already for the woman that God has set aside for you, that she too will grow strong in Him and will be worthy of the gift that God has in you.
I love you JonJon, Happy Birthday!


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