3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Setting Goals and Working on ME

I have been working on ME this summer. I am trying for the first time in my life to focus on my physical and mental health. All of my life I have battled with my weight and have been loosing the battel for just as long ;-) So when a gym was established in my community my husband encouraged me to once again try to establish a workout routine in my busy life. I want to change my life for ME first and then for my family. I hate that I often do not have the energy to keep up with my boys, and it really hurts our quality of playtime. My boys have so much energy and they deserve a mother that can run, bike, swim, and roll around right along side of them as much as possible. I LOVE my boys and I don't want to sit on the sideline of their lives and I desire to be a better example for them not only spiritually but physically as God would have me to.

Over the summer my 16 year old niece has been coming over MWF for a few hours, allowing me to go to Snap Fitness and workout. I love my gym time, it is sometimes hard to do, but I love how I feel afterwards, I love how I have time to be alone in my thoughts as I workout. The energy and self confidence as the pounds begin to slowly disappear is wonderful. Over the summer I have lost a little over 15 pounds, but I have a goal of loosing 40 more before the end of January. My overall weightloss goal is MUCH BIGGER then that, but baby steps is what I need to take for now as I establish a new ME, and a NEW lifestyle routine.

So NOW here is the gauntlet that my husband has thrown down. He has suggested that since I am wanting a Blackberry Curve, that my reward for loosing the first 40 will be the Curve. UGH, he is right it's a good motivation, but I sure would like to get it sooner ;-) SOOOOO here is to loosing 40 pounds!!


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