3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday only it's THURSDAY ;-)

Instead of tackling it on Tuesday I am going to be attacking it Thursday (today). I have a party here Friday night with a group of my girlfriends and so I have a long list of things to attack today in order to be ready for the hectic running I have to do tomorrow.

SO here is my list for the day:
  • Get dressed and pray over my list of things to do today
  • Drink (3) 24 oz. glasses of water
  • Recycling to the curb
  • Post blogs for the day
  • Get boys dressed and feed them breakfast
  • Make beds
  • Unload/Reload dishwasher
  • Feed Maggie
  • Clear off mail stack from kitchen upper counter
  • Dust LR
  • Vacuum LR
  • Water plant on top of entertainment unit
  • Put away the boys folded laundry
  • Fold and put away clothes form dryer and start new loads of laundry
  • Dust dinning room chandelier space-saver-high chair and convert to booster
  • Re-arragne Dinning room
  • Move mom's tea cart to next to entry door, accessorize.

I have always loved this tea cart, it belonged to my mother and was in the house we grew up in. When we moved in with them 6 year ago she gave it to me for our part of the house. We moved it to our room when Davey was starting to walk, but today I decided to brave it and bring it out of hiding. Love Love how it looks here by the door. The lamp we picked up tonight at Target and I moved the other back to my office desk.

  • Clean Jon's sace-saver high chair an convert to boster
  • Sweep hard floors and mop today if there is time
  • Wash mirrors and touch up windows from little finger prints
  • Clean ceiling fan in kitchen
  • Take down all fan light globes and wash
  • Wipe down kitchen counters and wash cabinet doors
  • Clean out fridge in prep of party food
  • Boil Chicken for Chicken Salad for tomorrow nights party
  • Clean bathroom

Extra things to do if time allows:

  • Dust master and boys room
  • Run vacuum in master and on area rug in boys room
  • Weed entrance flower bed
  • Transfer plant to hanger by entrance gate
  • Transfer plant in kitchen to new SL@H pot
  • Bring better order to office
  • Put away Southern Living at HOME business supplies in work closet
  • 20 min on elliptical

Dinner date with my parents and the kids at IHOP. Then finally Wind down time tonight after boys go to bed:

  • Water patio plants (ahhhhh just me, the sounds of the neighborhood, and the soft sound if the water spraying from the hose)
  • Finalize menu and grocery needs for tomorrow nights party
  • Check emails and blog.


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