3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, September 11, 2009

50th POST and a WHOLE NEW LOOK ;-)

I am so excitd to be making my 50th post on my new madeover blog page.  Danielle over at the Design Girl did a beautiful job in creating a space that is totally me for my Mom journals.  I really battled with what kind of look to go for, something designed around a boy theme or something totally me with my favorite colors of pink and green.  Danielle helped to guide me all the way through the design process and really encouraged me to make this my own little space.

As I said earlier Danielle is vey talented, understanding, and supportive throughout the design process and helps to direct choices that will really make the blog page standout and personal when it is finished.  The other thing that I LOVE about the design girl, is that she is very resonable in her prices and really has a menu of choices that can be molded to any budget whether you want to make basic changes or go ALL THE WAY ;-)

Highly reccomend Danielle and her long list of options to makeover your blog page.  Visit her at


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