3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life right now with 2 little Boys and 1 Wonderful man of God!

(My B-in-L C with MY MEN in the kayak's off our river wall)

NO day makes it without some sort of incident or moment of small stress BUT I am happy in my life with David and the boys. I often feel like I am failing to display the love of Christ that my Father in heaven would have me to share with Davey and JonJon but I am doing the best that I can at this time. I feel like my biggest challenge is being patient enough to see the special moments that happen as something to smile at later and no big deal now rather then a huge upset now and a frustrating mess to cleanup later.

Davey is now 4 years old and beginning to understand more of what we expect from him but still trying desperately to challenge our authority at every step that he can. HE has such a sweet angelic face and so often times you don’t think he is capable of the trouble that he can find. Davey has beautiful thick blond curls that always seem to be out of control on top of his head. His eyes are dark and always inquisitive as to how something works but almost always smiling. I could look at this eyes forever and be drawn into the deep pools of innocence that they claim only to find the truth lurking behind in the cogs of his ever spinning mind. And his smile is so big and he has these two deep dimples that show up when his smile is at its biggest. Oh how I love his smile! Davey started preschool when he was 2 at FUMP and he flourished in his vocabulary and skills under the watchful and loving care of Ms. Debbie #1, she seemed to have a soft spot of his energy and curiosity and helped to direct him in a positive way. She was always encouraging me to use Davey’s energy toward arts and crafts which even at 2 years old he seemed to really be drawn to. This past year Davey was in Ms. Debbie #2’s preschool class, it was a smaller class of just 6 kids including Davey and through this setting Davey was been guided into understanding classroom rules, respect of your friends in play, knowing his full alphabet and letter recognition, and counting from 1-10. I expect that we will continue to find Davey having a engineering style brain searching for how something works and taking things apart to figure it out. HE is very quick to pick up on what the rules are or how something is to be done but loves to push the envelope of those rules and guidelines as much as he can. There isn’t a button he is afraid to push, pull, twist, or open to find out what it is or how it works. Hopefully by us placing him in God’s hands he will cultivate these skills into a bright and caring young man.

Jonathan is now 2 years old and is so much more active then Davey ever was. JonJon as we like to call him, can’t seem to sit still for very long unless he is not feeling his very best. There are moments where he will briefly crawl up beside me on the sofa or reach up his little arms for me to pick him up and he will lay his head on my shoulder but these moments pass way to quickly. From the moment I could feel him moving within me I knew he was going to be more active then Davey. At those moments when he was kicking inside me and poking every vital organ he could get his heal into, I would lay my hand on my belly and pray for God to calm his spirit and help him to understand my loving authority. OH he understands my loving authority alright . . . . . . and he smiles at my words and does what he wants anyway. Timeouts and spankings don’t seem to have any sort of long term effect on his poor choices. One of his favorite things to do that drives me insane and he has gotten many TO's or S's over, is tearing all of the cushions off of the sofa and throwing them into the floor. And boy howdy is he a quick little sucker, because if he gets even a smidgen of a head start on you he will run for his room and dirt dive under Davey’s bed where we can’t reach him. Jon has been showing us signs for a long time now that he would figure out how to get out of the crib because at night when we would do our bedtime routine and read to the boys, Jon would perch on the top rail of his bed and look at the book like a bird looking down from its nest (he is in a toddler bed now), The amazing thing is that despite all of his abounding energy and how much it wears me out, I can’t help but smile and think of how adorable he is. I can’t wait for this coming year to see how much he will change and develop his skills at preschool. Davey changed so much that first year that he attended FUMP and I know that Jonathan will be the same way because he is so quick to pick up on things and shows great understanding of what we say to him. Jonathan is just as beautiful in person and spirit as his brother Davey. I know it isn’t right to call a young man “beautiful” but I can’t help it, handsome just doesn’t seem to be descriptive enough. Jonathan also has blond hair, but his is a little more sandy colored then Davey’s and is as straight as it can be and very thin in texture. IN the face he looks just like his brother only his dimple is in the middle of his chin. Both of my boys will likely grow up to be lady killers and I will have lots of girls hanging around the house when they are in their teens.

David and I have been married for 8 years now and we have had a lot of ups and downs in our lives. I know that many days David has no idea what to do with my mood swings or how he should respond. IN fact we were having a talk about this just the other day and he said he was afraid to use the words that he wants in those moments because he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Although I am grateful for him wanting to spare my feelings, I worry that he is holding back his thoughts and one day they will all explode out of him and he will be referencing something that I did 3 years earlier in our marriage. I told him I would rather he find a way to express himself in the moment rather then build up a laundry list of my “wrongs” that will only compound any issues we may or may not have in later years of our marriage. I think the worst part of our marriage from the start was and has been that David and I are terrible with money.  I keep praying that we will be blessed financially to get out from under our debt all at one time and have a fresh start, but why would God entrust us with such a blessing when we can’t take care of the financial gifts we have been given already. For the first 2 years of our marriage we lived in David’s 1964 Fleetwood trailer, it was fine for us and a good cleaning, painting, and remodel of the kitchen helped to make it more comfortable in those first few years. But, we knew from the start that it would not be a great place to bring babies and OH how I wanted a baby right from the start.  God took care of that problem in late 2003 when our little home got hit pretty bad during a late season hurricane and the damage was more then we could afford to fix and so we moved into my parents unfinished basement in November.  Using my design skills (my degrees were finally going to get used LOL) I designed a floor plan and we began construction the next spring.  Halfway through construction we found out we had finally gotten pregnant, and literally layed the final flooring (me on my hands and knees) two weeks before Davey was due.

We will be celebrating six years of living here this coming November.  It really has been a perfect situaton for us and my parents.  We have been here during some of their medical battles over the past (almost) 6 years and my boys have been able to grow up with daily interaction with their grandparents.  The way the house is set up is perfect, we have our own half of the house with a seperate entrance and a fenced off playard for the boys, and they have the whole upper level.  There is an indoor staircase that connects us which we finished off this past year with brick pavers on the wall and it is totally gourgeous, but there is a door at the top and bottom of the stairs for total privacy.   So many say they could never live with their parents again, but for us it works.  Do we dream of having our own home? YES!!! Oops did I sceam that? :-) But we feel this is where God wants us to be right now, and when the time is right HE alone will open the door for us to move on.  However for now, the nightly dinners as a 3 generation family around the table, is wonderful. 

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  1. Laura Ann,

    Your strength is evident as you follow the LORD. Thank you for for encouragement and prayers. A true prayer warrior!