3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MOM = Front line of defense

The other day I went to pick up the boys from preschool as I always do, but for the first time this preschool year I walked in and knew right away that it was not going to be a good report.  As I approached my oldest sons room I saw him being lead away from the room by the teachers assistant.  I quietly followed to see where G. was taking him because the directors office was in the opposite direction and the direction she was taking him was away from the preschool area of the building.  Ms. G. quietly lead Davey to the pastors secretaries office where she made had him sit down in the chair next to her desk.  After a few moments G. noticed me standing in the hallway outside and came out to tell me that it had not been a "good day" Davey had to be taken from the classroom 3 times because he wasn't following directions or was being a disturbance and she commented that his cough didn't seem to be getting better.

So I took a deep breath and explained that right now Davey is on 4 x daily breathing treatments and the side effect of one of the medications is hyper activity.  I told her that this in no way excuses his poor choices in the classroom, but it does provide a reason for the change in his behavior.  I told G. and Ms. M (his teacher) that I would check into other medication options and talk to Davey about his choices even though he may not feel at his best. 

Today Davey had a followup appointment and I expressed a concern to the NP.J about the side effect of hyper activity.  When Davey was just a few months old his breathing issues caused us to have to begin using xopenex/pulmicort breathing treatments and the doctor warned us back then that more then likely Davey's breathing issues would only worsen. Back when Davey was just 4 months old Dr.R told us that Davey's narrow airways would more then likely mean asthma as he got older and of course inhalers when he was was old enough to manage them.  The side effect of hyper activity was never an issue before because we could manage his behavior at home, BUT when the side effects begin to effect his behavior at school it is a whole new problem.  Xopenex in children causes a feeling of no wanting to sit still, or as other patients have described it, like ants where crawling all over your skin.  So one could imagine that for a 4 year old boy that means circle time, reading time, sitting still at a table MIGHT be a little difficult. 

Unfortunately, NP.J told me that we didn't have any other medication options but did suggest that we put Davey on 3 days of steroids to push him over the hump of his current medical crisis.  NP.J, my husband, and I are all afraid of how Davey will handle the current flu/swine flu season because Davey is the very HIGH RISK kind of patient that is in danger. 

What is a normal cold for other kids is an attack to Davey's ability to take a breath.  When he catches a cold his airway turns into a narrow straw and his caughing often leads to throwing up.  I can not take Davey off these medications right now, because they are the only things protecting Davey and I have to put his medical care before his issues at school.  

SOOO MOM is Davey's front line of defense (as I should be) and I will defend his right (and ours) for him to remain in his classroom and for the teachers to help us work through his current medical crisis.  I will not pull Davey from the preschool when he is not a risk to the other kids, if anything they are more of a danger to him because of the germs they bring into the classroom.  I also refuse to keep him home because I am paying $140 a month for him to be there and he isn't contagious.  I will continue to be his frontline of defense until the day I die and I guess this is the first big stand I am going to have to wager . . . . . . a battle for his health and for his preschool education this year.

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