3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Mother's worst FEAR

Today I experienced a HEART STOPPING moment as a mother and for about 10-15 minutes had one of a mother's worst fears happen . . . . . . my 2 year old disappeared from our shopping cart in the middle of a busy store.

We had gone to Lowe's to pick up paint and materials for the bathroom remodel. My husband, Brooke (my 20 yr old niece) and I were analyzing paint swatches and when we turned back around Jon was not in the cart (the cart was within reach of us). We looked in our immediate area but Jon was not even within sight range. We fanned out and began calling his name with no response.
My heart was pounding and total fear was gripping my heart. How could someone snatch him with us standing right there. When we hadn't found him within 5 minutes I screamed at the top of my lungs looking right at a Lowe's employee and said "MY TWO YEAR OLD IS MISSING." Finally, 1 YES THAT SAYS ONE, employee started helping us in our search along with a father and his teenage son. We are still running up and down the aisle's looking and calling for him when in the distance I hear my niece call out "Aunt Laura I have him."
Brooke runs up to me with Jon in her arms and Davey pulling along side her. He was found outside the front doors. At the moment I didn't care were he was found, but just that he was back in my arms. I was a SOBBING mess! In that moment I was sobbing because by God's grace Jon had been found before something terrible had happened, but also because Katie and her husband (Katie's Keepers) came to my mind. I thought how terrified I was for 12-15 minutes while my son was missing and how much more Katie's heart was hurting because her daughter Reese is missing from her life until she sees her in heaven. What would I do if Jon had been taken from my life? Oh how merciful my Father was to me today and putting my baby back in my arms safe and sound.
I later found out that Jon literally climbed down from the cart while our backs were turned for a moment, and on bare feet, he ran past the cashiers counters, through the front door (that had a greeter standing at it) and out onto the front portico of Lowe's. Fortunately God placed a guardian angel outside the door in the form of the hot dog vendor. The hot dog lady saw little Jon walk out the door by himself and she asked him where his mommy was and where he was going. When Jon took off for the tractors, she picked him up before he got into the parking lot and held onto him Brooke came through the door in search of him. Davey lead Brooke out the door because he heard his little brother crying (he didn't like that the hot dog lady was holding him and keeping him from the tractors).
On my way out I thanked her and wanted to kiss her but bathed her in my gratitude instead ;-) Later when I retold this story to my mother, she went out of her way to go by Lowe's to locate the hot dog lady to give her a hug and tell her thank you from the Grandma ;-) SOOOO grateful that my little man was found and returned to my arms.
Daily laying it at the Master's feet!
Laura Ann


  1. Laura Ann~

    I'm so glad your little one is back in your arms. I know that had to be very scary, and I thank you for thinking of me in the midst of it.

    That song is amazing, and I'm going to find it on youtube so I can listen to it. Thank you for sharing and for praying.

  2. Oh my goodness! I don't think breathing would have even come to mind during all that craziness. My husband and I are complete freaks about keeping the kids in touching distance at all times, and the people that let their kids roam around unattended drive me crazy! So glad he was found safe and sound. I think if mine were to get away from me, the hot dog vendor would have been their choice too!