3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

End of day Ramblings

It has been a very long day and all of my men are now tucked into bed, why I am not in bed myself I do not know.  I was going to do a "Wish List Wednesday" post but I just don't have the energy to put it all together.  So I am capping of my long day with my favorite fall drink, a cup of hot chocolate.

This mornings activities included running the boys to preschool, going to the church to take inventory for Wednesday Night Supper before grocery shopping, grocery shopping for Soup & Sub night at church, returning the groceries back to the church so David and I could cook this afternoon for 20+ people, picking out flooring samples for the church foyer and baptistry rooms, running the samples back to the church, picking up the boys from pre-k, then taking them home for lunch and naps, then back to the church to cook Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup and prep the subs, serve dinner, then prayer meeting, and finally home for the night.

SO, tomorrow I might blog about WLW (one day late) or I might take a day off from the computer, we will see what the Lord has layed out for tomorrow.


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