3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Weekend to Asheboro Zoo - Day 2

Day 2 of our family weekend to the Asheboro Zoo started off with overcast skies and a 40% chance of rain showers yet to come.  We began our day with a drive over to the historical Pisgah Covered Bridge built in 1911, it is one of only two original covered bridges still standing in the state.  The Pisgah Covered Bridge park also had a very nice walking path in the woods and so we did a nice little nature walk before moving on to day 2 of the zoo.

After wandering the paths around Pisgah, we headed on over to the zoo to see the polar bear and other animals in the North American portion.  Just as we entered the zoo it began to spit rain, but nothing hard enough for us to put on rain coats or duck for covering.

We really loved the Sea Lion exhibit because there were 4 large sea lions in the tank and they were swimming around like crazy.  It is amazing to watch these large beautiful creatures move around in the water with such grace.

Wilhelm the Polar Bear was being rather lazy for out visit today and stayed on top of this large rock napping.  Every few minutes he would slightly open one eye to take a look at the crowd but never stirred more then that.

I can't really share the pictures of our next animal visit, because the Otter's were trying to make a family ;-) fortunately the boys thought they were just playing a wrestling game in the water LOL.

They had these really great play and explore stations throughout the NA part of the zoo and this really helped the boys run off some energy.

North American Black Bear, they looked so cute I wanted to pet them.

David and David Jr. pedal to make the sculpture move.

Grizzly Bear

Honey Bee Playspot

After the final ride on the carousel we hopped on the tram and rode back down to the North American entrance to head back into town for lunch and then back to the hotel for naps.  After naps Grandma and Grandpa Haynes were meeting up with us on their way back from their Tennessee vacation and we were having dinner together at the Rockola Cafe and then back to the hotel for a swim. 

It was a fantastic two days in Asheboro and then home on Sunday with Gram and Gramp following behind.  I wish we could have stayed longer to go and find some of the local pumkin patches, hayrides, and cornmazes, but we ran short on time and money ;-) but overall it was a fantastic weekend as a family and one we hope to repeat again soon.


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