3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear

Today over at Kelly's Korner it is Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear.  So I am going to share some of my favorite Baby AND Toddler gear for those Mom's-to-Be.  These products have soothed my child, saved me time, provided multi funtion, or were just so good I just had to share ;-)

I have two boys ages 4 and 2 and some of these products I had on order or already purchased 5 minutes after I found out I was pregnant the first time with Davey.  We battled for 3 long years to have him and I wanted the best that I could afford ;-)  So enjoy my list and hope it helps.

This swing by Fisher Price is the aquarium swing and no matter what "decorative" change they make to this swing it is WOW wonderful for your baby. The swing rotates to to differnent swing positions and the seat kicks back to make the baby lay back more. You will love this for your little one.

This Do-it-All diaper bag from Lands End is WONDERFUL, it has so many pockets and lots of room for all the stuff you have to carry around for you newborn.  And even better after your ready to downsize, this bag is perfect as your babies first piece of luggage. (comes is several different colors but the PINK is adorable, I pray next year I can buy one ;-) 

The smaller version is the Little Tripper and also has plenty of room and extra's.  The best part of this bag is the big side pockets that will hold baby bottles, large sippy cups, or even a bottle of water for Mom or Dad. It also has an extra long adjustable strap which means Dad can carry it like a messanger bag.

These soft chenille stripped blankets by Carters are wonderful, both of my boys became addicted to theirs. 

This is the Farmhouse Basket from Southern Living at HOME and it works perfect beside the changing table to gather up all the little things you need.  It is really cute with a ribbon woven through it to match the nursery decor, but my little 2 year old man kept taking it out so I gave up ;-)

Fisher Price Jungle bouncer will keep your now mobile toddler happy and busy.

Playtex sippy cups have been the best for me and leak the least (notice I didn't say no leaks) I have yet to find a sippy that the stopper doesn't get knocked loose by a toss to the floor.  I also LOVE these name labels by InchBug, I have tried writting names in perm. marker and tape but both come off in the dishwasher.  These little suckers come in packs of 4 and don't come off unless you take it off and the nursery at church ALWAYS knows which cups belong to my boys.

Baby BJorn potty, my little man finds the tall back a help to put his hands on to raise himself up and down.

The Digit Saver keeps little fingers safe from getting closed in a door and it comes in several different colors and animals.

Finally this is my most recent purchase and I am already loving it.  This stroller by Chicco is one of the first strollers I have found that has 5 point harness.  It also offers plenty of sitting room and two position back.  I have used other umbrella strollers before and this one is WAY BETTER.

As for my dislike I have a LOVE Hate Relationship with our large stroller:

I have a love hate relationship with this stroller because although this stroller offers some really great features it is a BEAR to push when fully loaded.  The seat is comfortable with an easily moveable tray.  This Fisher Price Ride N Stand stroller also has a drop down seat for older toddlers to sit with their own seatbelt or it can be folded up so that the toddler can stand and ride.  BUT my FAVORITE feature about this stroller is the second collapsable basket that makes this stroller great for shopping.  This stroller is great for getting the groceries from the car around to our entrance of the house LOL.  SO again I love all its features but hate pushing it around when its fully loaded and lets face it, when will I be pushing it around when it isn't fully loaded LOL.

I hope that these products and reviews of products that I love for my kids is a help to other mom's-to-be or for anyone else looking for a better product for their little one. 


  1. Great list. We have the Rainforest jumper and my son loved it for a while before it got very mobile now he doesn't want to stay in it for very long.

  2. Laura Ann ~

    Your baskets are precious. I love baskets. ; )

    We use the inchbug labels, too. They're awesome.

    Thank you for your faithful prayers. We continue to feel so loved.

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