3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Show us Your Life - Halloween Costumes

Today is Show us Your Life - Halloween Costumes over at Kelly's Korner and I wanted to share some photo's of my boys over the past few years.  I generally try to pick a theme for each year so the boys costumes correspond, I know that won't last as they get older and want to pick their own costumes.  I pick their costumes based on what the boys are into that particular year and this year it is Star Wars.  This is the first year Davey has picked his own costume and I picked Jonathan's based on his choice.  So here is a tour of our past few years of Halloween costumes.

Halloween 2009 Star Wars

Jonathan is Yoda this year

Davey is a Storm Trooper, but every time I went to take his picture he lifted his mask
(he wasn't allowed to carry his Storm Trooper gun to school).

Halloween 2008 costume theme was Spiderman

Davey was Spiderman (Batman is Davey's best friend TJ from preschool)

Jon was Spiderman's sidekick THE Spider

Halloween 2007 theme Toy Story

My MoG was Woody and Jonathan was Bullseye the Horse.  This of course was JonJon's first Halloween and he was only 2 months old.

Davey was Buzz LightYear

Halloween 2006 Eeyore

Davey was Eeyore

Halloween 2005 Davey's first Halloween Tigger

Davey's 1st Halloween and with his brand new kitten Crocket
(Get IT!  Davey Crocket  LOL )

Already my brain is thinking of what we may do as a family next year, my thoughts are Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown and the Gang, OR Scoobie Doo and the Gang.  Show Us YOUR Halloween!!!


  1. aww, how adorable are their costumes?! You have two precious kiddos!