3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sickness AGAIN!

SICKNESS again falls upon our home.  Friday I took the boys to the doctor on for their H1N1 vaccine's and Jonathan's flu shot (they didn't have flu shots for Davey's age group).  Well wouldn't you know it Friday night JonJon started coming down with a fever and his nose was running like the niagara falls.  In the middle of the night on JonJon woke up and threw up, but we figured that was do to the drainage down his throat.  THUS, we kept our plans for the next day, I had a Southern Living at HOME booth at our communites annual Chili Festival, and my husband was working on a Habitat for Hummanity house.  Half way through Saturday my niece Calli (watching the boys) texted me and said JonJon had gotten sick right after lunch (again I kept thinking this was due to the drainage).

However, on Sunday the fever continued and we kept him home from church and then again Monday from school.  Mind you, this whole time JonJon is totally his active self only with a slight fever and runny nose.  Well this morning around 1:30 JonJon woke up crying and I went to him, only to find he was chilling so bad his teeth were chattering, when I checked on him again an hour later he was very warm, and by 3:15 his fever was 103.8.  So I moved him out to the sofa where I worked on getting his fever down by stripping him down, giving him motrin, and rubbing his back with a cool cloth.  Just about the time I got him settled and asleep on the sofa I heard Davey crying in the bedroom, I went to check on him and he too was burning up, his fever was 102.2. 

So at 4:15 in the morning I am on our big sectional sofa with two HOT boys and my poor husband is worrying about walking out the door to go to work and leaving me with 2 sick boys.  Fortunately their fevers went down and they are presently weak but content on the sofa watching cartoons.  BUT, I can tell by how Davey is acting that we are not out of the woods.  We will see what the day brings, but I think it will be a doctors visit ;-(


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