3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bonfire's and Goodbye's

My husband and I have the privilege and the sadness of being a part of a military community and a military church. It is a great honor to be a part of a community of people that serve our nation and finding ways to minister to them as they are apart from their families and home states while they are stationed here. However, the sadness is having a military church, where we get to know the families well over the course of time they are stationed at MCAS Cherry Point (generally 3 years sometimes more depending on their MOS) and then having to say goodbye when they leave.

My husband was in the Marine Corp and completed his duty at MCAS CP prior to us meeting, but continued his career as a civilian doing the same thing he did while he was in the Corp. and has now been their a total of 25 years. So we are what we call the “left behinders”, we live here and continue on the ministers of our church and pray that God will continue to bring wonderful families to serve along side us. But this also means we are constantly having to say saying goodbye to dear friends and children we have watched grow.

Friday night we celebrated friendship with our friends the F’s at their home, (M is getting our of the Marine Corp) they will be moving in January to Colorado where M will be a police officer. They had a huge bonfire and cookout for all the families that they have gotten to know so well over the years that they have been at our church. M & M have 6 children whom we have watched grow up because they have been stationed here a while and a part of our church for at least 5 years. M & M’s youngest children are a set of twin’s, a boy and girl just 1 year older then my Davey. Their two middle daughters have both been in my Sunday school class and in my children’s choir, so I have gotten to know them both very well over the years. It will be so sad to see them go and say goodbye to the kids, they have been such dear friends and faithful servants of Christ. But I know that God will bless them and lead them to another church where He would have them serve and grow as a family in Christ.

We love you and will miss you very much!


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