3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, November 13, 2009

FINALLY got a big project on the list DONE

We have several projects in the works around here, but one of them I was determined to get done before Thanksgiving was my kitchen. The kitchen was originally a pale yellow and now is a taupe.  We have a very open floor plan in our part of the house, and so the pale yellow was in the kitchen, dinning, and living area.  Not to long back I decided to redo the bathroom based on the colors in the Cabana shower curtain from Southern Living at HOME, and because the bathroom is off the kitchen, I decided on the mint green color for the bathroom and the taupe for the kitchen as a transition to the rest of the house.

So here are a few pictures of the finished look, along with the final picture of the boys measurements on the kitchen wall ;-(  (I am moving their measurements to a mural chart in their bedroom, pictures at a later date)

Moved the message board to a more accessible place here by the sink

I hate having the toaster oven on the counter top, but for now this is the best home for it.

Still plan to put some 6" decorative tiles behind the stove.

We moved the coat hook from the stair landing to here in the kitchen, this way no kids digging in the backpacks.

Next on the list the  . . . . . . finish the bathroom and retouch the paint in the living and dining area . . . . . . then the bedrooms.


  1. Looks good!! I have a tiny kitchen too...Looks like you have made use of all your space wisely!! I love your countertops!!

  2. Thank you Mellisa when we first moved in with my parents 6 years ago the basement was just 1300 sq. feet of open room with 2 steel columns, 3 concrete block walls, and one finished river facing wall. So finally putting my degree to good use I came up with a floor plan that provided us with 3 bedrooms and an open living area. Of course, that made for a small kitchen but I knew how to take advantage of every sq. inch (thus the cabinets to the ceiling). We did most of the work and finished it just about 2 months before our son was born in 05'. As for the counter, I would much rather a solid surface counter, but this worked for our budget. Thanks for stopping by.