3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guinea Pig comes to Visit

I never thought I would willingly invite a rodent that looks very much like a rat (only without a tail) into my home, but  . . . . . . . I have two boys and so I am sure there are quit a few more critters that will be invited into my home (with or without my permission) in the years to come.  Davey was so excited when his teacher asked him if he wanted to take Guinea home for a weekend (and yes that is the little fur balls name, the whole school voted for it).  So when Davey asked me, I didn't have the heart to say no, we went to make the arrangments with the preschool director and checked Guinea's itinerary only to find he was busy traveling to other homes for the rest of 2009 and every weekend was booked.  Davey was so upset and his bottom lip came out and his big hazel eyes began to fill with tears and Mrs. L said maybe we could come up with another plan, after a few minutes of thought she decided Davey and Jon could take Guinea home in the middle of the week.

So here we are with a Guinea pig, a Cat, a Fish, a Dog, and two boys in our house . . . . . Can you say Crazy Farm? First time out of the cage Guinea dove deeeeeeep into my blouse and gave me a nice long scratch in the middle of my chest with his back claws in his efforts to get to his destination.  He is kinda cute but the boys fight over who's turn it is with him like they do most of their other toys and poor Guinea gets a little nervous with all the fuss.  I think we will wait a while before thinking of getting the boys their own guinea pig or rabbit ;-)
Guinea comes with his own little travel bag, food, and photo album to journal his adventure.
Crocket the cat also got close enough to check out Guinea,
but poor Guinea got so nervous that he poo'd in Davey's lap LOL


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