3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing the Grocery GAME

I have enjoyed following two FAMOUSLY successful Grocery Shoppers through the Blog World, Leslie over at Lambert's Lately and Jen over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.  These two ladies manage to walk into a grocery store and save upwards of 60% or more on their grocery bill.  Inspired by their success at playing the coupon/store sale game and saving big time in their grocery budgets, I have been making an effort to educate myself through their blogs on how to win at this game too.

  • First, thing I did was go to the website for the two stores in my area that I know double and triple coupons (Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods) and I signed up to recieve their weekly sales flyer via email every week so I would know what the specials were.  This week Harris Teeter is doing TRIPLE Coupons for coupons under .99
  • Second, I went to Coupons.com and signed up so I could print additional coupons that I didn't get in my Sunday paper.
  • Third, I stocked my coupon wallet with freshly clipped coupons from the paper and from Coupons. com

I ordered this cute HannahCoupons wallet online and then had it mongramed
(my old one got stollen from my cart a few months back)


So I headed out the the grocery store to try my hand at playing the Grocery Game, and I did OK not as fantastic as these ladies do, but OK.  I saved $41.30 off my grocery bill, plus another $5.00 on diaper products over at Target.  I think the biggest trick to be successful is to go into the store on TRIPLE days with ONLY coupons under .99 and only to stock the pantry and freezer, and not go with a specific grocery list in mind.  Today I had specific needs that I had to take care of and so my grocery budget was already eaten up with big ticket items like Dog Food, Cat litter, Pain Med's, Diapers, and Meats (all of which I had coupons for a $1.00 off or more).   So this is what I got for $133.99

Favorite pershiable savings was the Kozy Shak puddings, they were B1G1 FREE and I had a coupon for a $1.00 off, so I got 2  for .70 cents.


One of my favorite buys today was the Milk-Bone dog biscuts, B1G1 Free PLUS I had a $2 coupon, so Normally the cost would have been & $8.58 for 2 boxes, I paid $2.29


Saved $5.00 on JonJon's Pullups, Overnight diapers, and Wipes at Target

Hopefully next time I will do even better with a little more education on how to really make this work in my favor for BIG SAVINGS!

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  1. When I was kid I also used to play these type of grocery game with my cousins and it was always a great fun we will try to sell our product at higher rate and whoever sell most high win the game.But we don't take grocery coupons