3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year in Review

This year has seen a great deal of Joy and some sadness but all has been blessed by my Father in Heaven, He alone is the ultimate peace giver in all things.  So I thought I would take the time to sit down and review our past year and try and mark the changes my 2 little Boys have seen.

The boys started 2009 at the ages of 3 yrs-7 months and 17 months old.

This was the first year that Davey wanted to stay up to see the ball drop in time square . . . . . he fell asleep on the sofa at 11:PM

January my Southern Living at HOME business had a busy month with over $3000 in retail sales.

February brought me to the dermatologist after an unusual growth was found on my back and I had a "nothing" taken off  with abnormal growth cells

In April we celebrated David's 45th birthday and took the craziest family vacation to see friends in Beaufort, SC and then Myrtle Beach for

May brought the celebration of Davey's 4th birthday.

Over the summer I once again organized the Mom's from Davey's preschool class to have play dates once a week over the summer months.  We did a lot of fun things like, going to the park, pool parties, the aquarium, the beach, and backyard play dates.

June also brought my FIRST active consultant to my Southern Living at HOME team, Angel Fish, and I was so excited to have Allison join me.

At the end of June my MoG and I celebrated our 8th anniversary with little fan fair because we were in the middle of Vacation Bible School and a Mission Team visiting our church.

On July 21st I started this blog, thinking to use it to grow my business, but in the end it has become a place for me to write about my days with 2 little Boys, vent about junk, share my design style, and projects from around the house.  I have loved every moment of blogging and the changes I am going through as I develop it more into what I want it to be.

In July Davey did swim lessons for 3 weeks straight and although he didn't like it at first the instructors were fantastic and by the end he was swimming like a happy fish.

My little Bear turned 2 in August and seemed to hit the terrible 2's at the same time, Ha!

September 9th Davey started his last year of preschool and Jonathan started his first.

September 11th I celebrated my 50th blog post and a new look from Design Girl

The 2nd weekend of October we took to the North Carolina roads and headed for the Ashboro Zoo.

The following weekend I had a very cold weekend with my Southern Living at HOME booth at the annual Havelock Chili Festival

Late October brought Halloween and all our yearly celebrations of the Lord's Harvest

November brought Thanksgiving with a house stuffed from corner to corner with family

 December 1st I kicked off my first annual 26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days


December 8th I celebrated my  41st birthday

Just in time for Christmas I got the good news that my liver panels came back normal

And last but not least a beautiful but hectic Christmas together as a family.

May you have a wonderful 2010
and a fun time reviewing your 2009!

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  1. What a fun post! You had your 50th post on my 32nd birthday! Yay!

    Your blog design is so very cute and I've been wanting to tell you that!

    Have a happy 2010 and I look forward to following you this year!