3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, December 4, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days - Day #4

Today at 2 little Boys, we are reading What Star is This? by Joseph Slate, illustrated by Allison Jay.  This book is very beautifuly illustrated with pictures that are very vibrant in color and antiqued to look like very old crackled paintings and for the young star gazer in your life this will be an interesting twist on the journey to the manger.

This version of the journey to the manager begins with a comet flying through the heavens on a direct path for earth.  In scriptures we are told that the Magi and the Shepards followed a star, not a comet, so this variation may be just a little to far off  for some.  However, we try to see it in a little more positive spin, although we truly believe it was a star because God's Word tells us it was, the story still leads to Jesus.  For me if you have a problem with it being a "comet" instead of a star, then this is your opportunity to talk with your child in more direct terms and even read scripture to help your child understand that this is just an interpretation of the TRUE story of Christ's birth.  However, if your child loves looking at the stars and studying the constellations then this story leading to the mager will be a great book for your little boy or girl.  This book is also great for your beginning reader because the text is very simple and easy to read.

We picked up our copy of What Star is This? through my son's Scholastic Book Club and preschool, but it is also available in hardcover through Amazon.


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