3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, December 5, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days Day #5

On today's exploration of 26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days we are reading Little Whistle's Christmas by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Tim Bowers.  Little Whistle Christmas is the fourth volume in the Little Whistle series following "Little Whistle," "Little Whistle's Dinner Party," and "Little Whistle's Medicine," all written by Rylant and illustrated by Bowers.

In Little Whistle's Christmas an adorable little guinea pig lives in Toytown, a shop with toys where he gets to watch children shop for toys all day long.  During the night, however, when the shop is empty and everything has grown quiet, Whistle goes out of his cage to visit the toys...which of course always become alive in the stillness of the night.

There's china doll that can sing like a bird, a toy soldier who loves reading to babies, a rabbit who hops around . . . well . . . . like a rabbit, a lion who thinks about vanilla cookies, a bear who likes to try on hats, and even a train to take fun rides in.  The night of this visit though is very special, the toys don't know it, but Whistle shares with them that it is Christmastime  because all the children are talking about Santa.  The toys don't know who Santa is but Whistle lets them know he makes all the toys for the children and wonders aloud if he made them.
So together Whistle and the toys decide to write a letter to Santa to ask him if he made the toys in the Toytown shop. Each day they wait for a reply, but none arrives.... Will Santa ever respond? And if he does, what would his reply be?
This book is very sweet and endearing with its lovely illustrations, my 2 little Boys enjoyed it very much and wanted me to read it again and again, and I will be reading it again tonight before bed I am sure.  Little Whistle's Christmas is a great bedtime or anytime story with its easy soft rythm,beautiful images, and characters you can't help but love, your children are sure to have sweet dreams. My 2 little Boys were so excited that the story was about a guinea pig since they recently had a visit in our home from Guinea the preschool guinea pig (click here to read about Guinea's visit) which of course is probably why they picked it at the library.  You can pick up Little Whistle's Christmas at your local library, bookstore, or here at Amazon.


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