3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, December 6, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days Day #6

Today my 2 little Boys read The Baby Born in the Stable by A. H. Kramer-Lampher, illustrated by Dorse Lampher. My mother read this book to us when I was a child and has held onto it all these years to read to her grandchildren, so it was definitely on the 26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days reading list.

The Baby Born in the Stable was written in 1965 and prodcued by Arch Books, a series of  of faith based books.  This is their way of explaining their books:

Arch Books teach you of your fiath;
They teach you Bible facts.
They teach you of our loving God
From Genesis through Acts!

Select a few, collect them all;
Don't miss the charming rhymes.
As you read and larn and laugh,
You'll have the best of times!

Now take a look at all the books;
Just turn the page and see
Stories of Adam, Jesus, and Paul,
The Arch Book library!

In a time when so many children become confused by the mixed messages that Santa Claus, gifts, parties, reindeer, and Christmas decorations, The Baby Born in a Stable helps to present the TRUE story of Christmas and is TOP on our list of best books for children during the Christmas season. 

From the day of the emperors decree to the day of Jesus birth this book gives an accurate telling of Jesus birth through its unusual illustrations and rhythmic words.  My 2 little Boys love the sing song rhythm of the story and have always wanted me to read it again and again, or other books from the Arch Book library.  Our favorite part of the book:

The angle spoke:  "Fear not! Behold,
I bring you news of joy!
In Bethlehem this very night
was born a baby boy
who is the Savior, Christ the Lord,
He'll win over death and sin,
Upon a manger bed He lies,
behind a lowly inn."

And suddenly a multitude
of angels filled the sky,
their voices glorifying God
and praising Him on high!
And, "Peace on earth, good will to men!"
resounded through the air -
it seemed there must have been at least
a million angels there!

Please take the time to go to Amazon and buy this book or find it at your local library, you will love reading this to your children.


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