3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days Day #10

Today my 2 little Boys and I checked out this small and simple Christmas book with a big message called Christopher Bear's First Christmas by Stepahie Jeffs and illustrated by Jacqui Thomas.  I love this book because it is set in a preschool and the children in the story along with Christopher Bear's help, play the actors.  Curious as to what I mean?

This very simple to read book will delight your young ones because they can easily picture themselves in the story.  Chirstopher Bear's First Christmas starts with his friend Joe going to preschool, and everywhere that Joe goes Christopher Bear goes too.  When Joe and Christopher arrive they find the preschool room all decorated with lights on the playhouse and hay in a bag hear the hobby hourse.  Joe is curious as to why there room looks so different, and his teacher Miss Rosie says "Because it's nearly Christmas."

So the children go about what would probably be a normal day in a preschool classroom, making crafts, playing with toys, and playing dress-up.  However, Miss Rosie asks all the kids to help with story time and calls them over the the dress-up box where she gives Joe wings, another child gets a blue cloak, and another boy gets a tea towel on his head. and then the children gather round and Miss Rosie begins the story.  "Long ago, on the very first Christmas night a bright start twinkled in the sky." and with that one of the boys holds up the sparkly star he made during craft time.  "On the first Christmas nigh" Miss Rosie continues, "there wer shepherds looking after their sheep outside a town called Bethlehem.", and Jessie and Oliver hold up their sheep and lamb toys.  Then Miss Rosie says the angels sang in the sky  and Joe stands up and shows everyone his wings.  "On the very first Christmas God sent his Son to be born as a baby."

Just like watching a Christmas pagent unfolding before your eyes, the children in the book act out the story of Jesus birth and in this world of God being taken out of our schools, it is refreshing to see God still in the preschool even if it's only in a book.  (We do have the pleasure of having our 2 little Boys in a Christian preschool, but I hate to think of the next step of them in public schools, I know there are good teachers but I would feel better if God was allowed there too).  If you can get your hands on the precious little book, I highly recommend, Amazon still lists the book but only as a used copy at various prices, we checked ours out from the local library and it was well worth the trip to town.  Enjoy Christopher Bear's First Christmas with the little one's in your life this Christmas Season.


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