3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, December 13, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days - Day #13

Today in our tour of 26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days we picked Merry Christmas, Davy! by Brigitte Weninger and Eve Tharlet.  This book is so sweet and has such a darling message about sharing.

Davy an adorable rabbit, is part of a series of books that always seem to find the young rabbit in the middle of a predicament.  In Merry Christmas, Davy! the rabbit family is buried under a thick bed of snow waiting for Christmas Day to arrive.  The day after his father tells Davy and his siblings about the characteristics that Santa appreciates (e.g., being kind, loving, and helpful), Davy is left at home alone.  As young Davy sits at the window, he watches his bird friends outside having a hard time finding food in the thick snow, so Davey goes to the larder and finds a sack of corn to take outside and spread on the ground under a pine tree where the birds can find the food easily.    As Davy works to spread the corn for the birds he notices his friends the deer and decides to find some sweet-smelling hay for them too.  Then Davy begins to think of his other friends the wild pics' and the squirrels, so he returns to the family larder and brings his other friends apples, carrots, and acorns.  Davy is so proud of himself and sure that his Mother and Father will be pleased for helping his friends.

When the family arrives home, Mother notices right away that the larder door is open and that half of the winter food is gone.  "Where has our food gone?" she asks Davy, his four brothers and sisters begin to cry feeling their brother has sone something that will cause them to starve for the winter.  Davy turns to his father with tears begining to fill his eyes, "You said we should help others, and share things, and love one another.  We had so much, and the animals out there had nothing, so I . . . "

Together Mother and Father rabbit assure the children that Davy did the right thing, the family had so much and their other animal friends had so little, so they had enough to share.  "Things could be much worse,  If we are careful, our food will last until spring.  What's important is that we love and help each other now."  On Christmas Day the Davy get's a surprise visit . . . . . is it Santa?  No it is Davy's friends the birds, deer, squrrels, and wild pigs.  Each of the animals had a gift of food for Davy and his family and a promise to help them find the best spot for food gathering in the spring.  "Merry Christmas, Davy!"

This book holds such a wonderful message for everyone young or old about sharing, especially in these difficult economic time we are having in the United States.  Merry Christmas, Davy! has a great story of giving and I pray you will share this story with those you love this Christmas Season,


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