3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, December 18, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days - Day #18

Day 18 here at 2 little Boys brings a surprise book to our Children's Christmas Book tour.  My 2 little Boys had their Christmas parties at school today, and one of the gifts that Davey's teacher gave him for Christmas was a book . . . . . how did she know his Momma was so crazy for kids books and needed another for the CCB tour, Ha! 

Today my 2 little Boys are reading Little Porcupine's Christmas by Joseph Slate, illustrated by Felicia Bond.  This darling little story holds such a profound message for children, it pricks (pun totally intended) at your heart, and touches your little ones sensative side for right and wrong.  The story is about a little porcupine who doesn't think very highly of himself and his looks, but each time he gets upset about it his mother says "You are the light of my life."  The other animals at Little Porcupine's school are getting ready for the play Baby in the Manger and he wants to try out for a part.  However, each one of Little Porcupine's classmates gives him a reason why he should, can't, and isn't welcome to try out for the play.  Little Porcupine says, "I could be a king with a pointy crown."  "On no, no, no," says Racoon.  "A stick ball like you cannot be a king."  To which all the other animal children jump in and start chanting "Stick Ball! Stick Ball!"  (OK I would like to know where is the teacher to stop this)

Poor Little Porcupine runs home with tears running down his face where is mother welcome's him into her comforting arms and says, "You are the light of my life."  Soon the play draws near and Little Porcupine is still not given a roll in the play.  Little Porcupine does his part to help with the play behind the scenes, building sets, sweeping the stage, working the stage lights, and opening the stage curtain on the night of the play.  BUT . . . . . .  when the stage lights light up the manger everyone in the audiance starts wondering aloud where is the star in the sky?  Where is the star the Wise Men follow to the Baby in the Manger?  All of the little animals that had not let Little Porcupine be a part of the play forgot the star, but without a word, LIttle Porcupine runs behind the manger and climbs the Christmas tree and secures himself in a ball at the top of the tree with his spines sticking out to catch the stage lights . . . . . . . . and like the star that wonderful night so long ago that lead the Shepards and the Wise Men to the Baby in the Manger . . . . . . . Little Porcupine was the Star of the play. 

"Star of my life!" says Mama Porcupine.

What a wonderful surprise to me, that this story not only held a story of being kind to your friends,  (Davey even said "Mom that isn't nice" when the little animals were chanting Stick Ball) but it also holds the message of the true meaning of Christmas . . . . . Christ's Birth.  PLEASE share this sweet little story with the little ones in your life.  I thought we were going to just read a story about a little porcupine's Christmas, instead we read a fantastic story about a Little Porccupine who really knew what it meant to celebrate the TRUE meaning of Christmas . . . Christ Jesus birth.


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