3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, December 21, 2009

26 Children's Christmas Books in 25 Days - Day #21

Today in our tour of 26 Children's Christmas Book in 25 Days we are reading Santa's Little Helper byAngela McAllister, illustrated by Daniel Howarth.

This is a really cute store with just as adorable illustrations.  The story is about a little bunny named Snowball who is playing hide-n-seek with his brothers and sisters on Christmas Eve.  Snowball keeps changing his hiding spot so he can out wit his siblings, moving from a small snowmound, to trying to convince Mr. Walrus to hide him, to trying to belnd in with the sleeping polar bear family.  But, in the end he chooses to hid in the perfect spot amongst some brightly wrapped packages near a sleigh.  Snowball waits and waits and waits to be found and falls asleep waiting.

Snowball wakes up to the sound of jingle bells and a deep voice humming a merry tune.  Snowball peeps from his hiding place to find the starry sky flying by and he thinks he must be dreaming.  Snowball quickly finds out he isn't dreaming when the sleigh lands with a hard thud and he is thrown from the sleigh.  "Hello there, little one," chuckles Santa Claus.  He picks Snowball up, "What a surprise!  I thought you were one of the toys!"  Santa Claus invites Snowball to help him deliver presents, and he has a great deal of fun going down the chimney, putting things into stockings, and placing beautifully wrapped presents under Christmas trees. 

When they are all finished, Santa Claus wishes Snowball a Merry Christmas and ties a beautiful red ribbon and bell to his wrist.  "Now we'd better get you home!"  So Santa tucks Snowball under a cozy blanket in the sleigh and flies him home.  Snowball wakes up in front of his burrow to the sound of his brothers and sisters and he thinks he must have had a wonderful dream.  It isn't until he runs off with his family to celebrate Christmas day, that he notices the ribbon and bell on his wrist.  Maybe it wasn't a dream afterall.

I really liked this book, Snowball is such an adorable curious rabbit and my boys loved him hiding among the presents and meeting Santa Claus.  Check it out from Scholastic Books or Amazon.


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