3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day rewind . . . . . . NO PLEASE!

I could wax poetic and say what a beautiful day Christmas Day was with Norman Rockwell moments around every turn of the hands on the clock . . . . . . . but I can't do that.

Davey was the first one up (kinda, I had been up awake since 3:45am) and was happy to find Santa brought him Buzz Lightytear.

Davey then went into our bedroom and woke Jon up (WHO IS SICK and was finally resting peacefully) and Jon came out to find taht Santa had brought him the Wonder Pets.

The boys very quickly ripped  through all of their presents, with smiles on their faces as they revealed each new toy and treasure.  However, this is the last of the happy, happy, joy, joy pictures, because shortly after this the fighting over toys began, Ha.

A few hours later we finally settled little BEAR down for a nap and I used the peaceful time to finish our birthday cake for Jesus.

As you may have noticed, my decor has been big with Green and Red, so our Happy Birthday Jesus cake followed on with the color theme.  I made a red velvet cake with white icing, then I decorated with green icing, and these really cute red, white, and green Christmas tree candies I found.

and it was YUMMY!

**Oh yeah, I did I mention a BIG blow up fight with my father over something that shouldn't have been fought over at all on any day let alone on Christmas Day?  FUN FUN.

In the evening my sister and her family came over for a delicious ham dinner and afterwards we settled in to watch Elf on TV.  The evening went well considering that there was still a LOT of tension between my father and us.

Tonight the rest of our family will be here and we will have 18 people filling every corner of our home and we will have our first annual SoupBowl.  Hopefully today will be filled with more peace then yesterday ;-)


  1. What a pretty cake and it does look yummy! I want some! haha!

    I love how you used green and red in bright bold hues for your wrapping paper and the cake! Good job!

    The boys looked like they were in heaven with all those gifts! ;)

  2. Veronica the bright red and green hues was the focus of my Christmas decor this year and it was a lot of fun to work with. It all actually started with the wrapping paper, which I found at Walmart. Each paper had a flip side design in either red or green color palate, fantastic find. Then I go to dollar general and pick up spools of 3" fabric ribbon with wire and accent each present. I LOVE wrapping presents.

    The boys did have fun for the length of time it took to unwrap the presents, but as soon as they were done the screaming began. The lesson we learned this year was two fold 1.) no waking up sleeping children and 2.) feed them before unwrapping presents, playing with Santa's Gift is OK until after breakfast.

    I am already looking for inspiration for next years Happy Birthday Jesus cake, Ha!