3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pizza, Popcorn, and Movies

Yesterday was a very busy and crazy day of running errands.  From the time that I dropped the boys off at preschool until I picked them up at noon, I was hopping from one store to another.  Even AFTER I picked up the boys I had one more stop before we could go home . . . . . .Walmart.

On our way into Walmart some old friends of ours from church whose daughter was born just one month before Davey, parked next to us.  Davey and Melody Joy have grown up together, they LOVE each other, and this year they are even in the same preschool class.  So as we walked into Walmart, Davey and Melody Joy walked hand in hand chatting the whole way.  Once we were inside I veered off to the deli area to pick out some pizza's for Family Night (we try to do this on Friday nights as often as we can) and while I am putting pizza's in our shopping cart Davey is inviting Melody Joy and her parents to our house for Pizza, Popcorn, and Movies.  I felt like I was in one of those awkard positions that kids sometimes back you into and out came my nervous laugh.  Do I follow through on my four year old sons invite?  Or do I continue laughing and move on to the rest of our grocery needs?  Sadly in the moment I choose the nervous laugh and the rest of our shopping.

However, on the drive home God continued to press on my mind Melody Joy and her parents.  So as soon as I got home I picked up the phone and asked if they had plans and if not we would love for them to come over for a family pizza, popcorn, and movie night and I am so glad I did.  Yes the noise level raised a HUGE amount, because when Davey and Melody Joy get together they really play hard and loud.  We had a great time talking with Danny and Ronda, eating pizza, and then watching a movie together . . . . . I hope Davey will talk me into a corner again sometime, I think God was using my four year old to get me to FINALLY take action.

Good family movie, you'll enjoy it with your kiddo's

I couldn't help uping our fun level and getting Jiffy Pop

The Inseparable Duo Davey and Melody Joy

Great Family Fun Night
with Friends!

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  1. Oh Laura Ann...
    Sweetie how wonderful is this. A wonderful evening and fellowship too. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    I think it is wonderful when we can get past those patterns in life that we get set into and can share that fun with another family. God has a way of pressing upon our souls doesn't he?

    So wonderful. I love the picture of your two hands in the same popcorn bowl. Just precious.

    Stop by soon sweetie. I love your company.

    Country hugs...Sherry