3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, December 7, 2009

Praying for Victory over Infertility one more Time - Setbacks

I covet your prayers, we are experiencing another setback in our journey to being parents for the 3rd time.  (For those of who just recently joined 2 little Boys blog, you can find the full story under the label Infertility)  About two months ago I went in for a doctors appointment (click here to read more details) , and during that visit they tested my liver funtions again and found them even more elevated then they have been in the past.  My doctor recommended a product called Milk Thistle.  Milk Thistle helps to remove toxins from the liver, which of course exactly what we need it to do since the damage to my liver is mainly caused my migraine medications. 

However, when we did the research online we found warnings like this:

Since milk thistle may mimic the effects of estrogen, some women should avoid this herb. This includes women who have fibroid tumors or endometriosis. Additionally, women with breast, uterine, and ovarian cancers should not take milk thistle

Obviously with my female health issues over the years, this warning applies to me, but we were willing to risk it for two months in hopes that my re-test December 22nd will be improved enough for us to start trying for a baby again.  Well it looks like the risk wasn't such a great chance to take, yesterday while at church I started bleeding very heavily.  Some would say, "no big deal so your cycle started", but for me it is a big deal because I am only 10 days into a cycle that I already started I should NOT be bleeding.  The last time my cycle started getting so off-kilter I ended up on bed rest for 3 months because I bleed too heavily and lost so much blood I became anemic and needed 3 blood transfusions.

"You Lord, are my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in You, and I am helped."
Psalm 28:7

I am so worried that our chances of having baby #3 are highly dimenished and we won't be able to try again starting in January.  My husband and I truly feel that God is still laying on our hearts to try one more time, but at the age of 41 my body may not be able to handle all that I have to go through to get pregnant especially with the newest developments.  I am making great strides in loosing weight, at this point I have lost a little over 20 pounds and would like to loose another 15-20 lbs. before we try.  There are so many other women struggling for baby number 1, and we are SOOOO blessed to have 2 little Boys so I hate to worry or whine about this, but the desire of our heart is so strong.  We feel God's presence and whispers in our ear to keep trying, but it is so difficult to lay the worry down 100% at His feet.  Please pray that will we fully trust God with my health and the next steps in adding to our family.

"Cast all your cares upon the Lord
and He will sustain you . . . "
Psalm 55:22

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  1. I wanted to comment on your blog and tell you that your story is wonderful. I tried to comment earlier and my computer froze, i have made my way back here and wanted to let you know that your story is wonderful, and the Lord surely will bless you and your family with another little baby. It's funny some people in this world have children and feel as though they are burdens, and some people want children and can not, it's sad and un-explained. I will pray for you and your family and surely during the holiday the Lord will send you and your family a wonderful new family edition.

    God bless you stay strong, I have two little girls and would love to have another, but unfortunately the docotors said if I had another I would proably die during birth. I would love to have a little boy, but I know if the Lord wants this to be it will happen.