3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What does a Girl do for her 41st Birthday you may ask . . . . . .

Today I celebrated my 41st  birthday, it seems so hard to believe that another full year has passed and that I am actually around the corner into my 40's.  So what does a young girl like myself do on her 41st birthday you ask?  Well, my MoG took a half day at work so that he could come home and take care of the boys and I could do whatever I wanted.  Nothing, Something, Go to the Gym . . . . . . . . Whatever I wanted. 

Well I decided to hit all those places that I dare not go with my 2 little Boys because it takes all of the fun out of it for me.  I mean come on lets be honest, crying kids, whinning for toys or snacks, need of naps, running away from me in public, and fighting kids, does not exactly spell peaceful shopping spree.  So without kids I made my list (literally) and went to all the places I have been wanting to go for a while.

Library, Belk, New River Pottery, Target, Pier 1 Imports, Fabric Outlet, Tuesday Mornings, and Books-a-Million, I would have added Lowes to the trip if I hadn't run out of time.  So with my FREEDOM I ran the roads, hopping from store to store, exploring all the Christmas decorations, little girl things (Dreams of Pink) and decor that my heart could desire.  AND like a good blogger . . . . . . . I took pictures of it all ;-)

First stop the library to pick out more books for 2 little Boys tour of
26 Children's Christmas books in 25 Days

Yes I too think it is sad that our Belk has not made any attempt to decorate for Christmas, UGH!
But I picked up some cute ornaments and a 12 x 12 Christmas print at 50%, pretty much got this stuff free because I also had a $20 GC.

Then it was off to New River Pottery, a designers and Christmas decor junkies DREAM LAND!

Ornaments I liked that would look great on a tree in our room

Christmas decorations I loved for the rest of the house

And YES I had home decor on the mind too, I stopped at the Fabric Outlet and picked some new fabrics for our bedroom to add throw pillows, re-upholster my makeup table stool, curtains, thinking of making an upholstered headboard, and maybe even make a slip cover for a slipper chair.  YEP I have big plans for our bedroom in 2010.

And finally, YES I also did some dream shopping in PINK

I came home from my 5 hour window shopping spree to a husband who had folded laundry, shampoo'd the carpets, and made my favorite dinner (if your wondering I am a simple girl, I LOVE Tuna Casserole, I have cherised this simple meal since I was a little girl and it is still the one I ask for every birthday). 
I am a woman truly BLESSED!


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