3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Praying for Victory over Infertility one more Time!

Tomorrow is the day, Tomorrow we will drive an hour and a half to go sit in the doctors office and wait for his input on whether or not we can move forward toward trying for baby #3.  We have already been hearing HIS input for a long time, but tomorrow HE could tell us to STOP.  No matter the outcome, I am already richly blessed and I know that.  So many try to hold a child of their own, and so many do not have the story that I do, so many have a story of their own. . . . an experience . . . . . a heart ache of greater loss or a longer battle and I continue to pray for their victory over infertility.  I do not walk this journey without remembering so many others who's story didn't turn our with the joyful blessing of a child that thrived.  But, my story is my own and I share it here because this is where I pour out myself in hopes of leaving my burdens here for God to pick up as I puddle them at His feet.  I pour them out here so that one day my 2 little Boys can pick them up and KNOW how much I loved and desired them in my life.  I pour them out here because I want others to know they aren't alone, our journey's and outcomes might be different, but we are united in our desire for a child.

Tomorrow I will sit in a doctors office beside my husband, remembering the tears we shed of joy and sadness when we discovered baby #3 was a boy.  Tomorrow I will sit in an office beside my husband, hoping that my other medical conditions will not become the hurdle that this doctor is unwilling for us to jump over to try for baby #3.  Tomorrow I will rejoice in the Lord whatever the outcome because I know it is His plan for my life and not mine.  Tomorrow I will hope, pray, and continue to Dream of Pink until God tells me to . . . . . STOP.

Today Kelly over at Kelly's Korner she posted the cardboard testimony's video, amazing video and you should check it out, she asked for us to make a comment on her post about what our Cardboard Testimony would be.  This was mine:

Front - Knew that God designed me to be a wife and mother, 
but when God didn't bring His man into my life in my 20's 
I thought He lied and I became angry with God and took
things into my own hands with a very sad and painful outcome.

Back - Realized God's plan and TIMING for my life was His design not mine. 
Married at 32, gave me victory over infertility at 36 and 38, 
blessed me with 2 little Boys and He is speaking to me to try one more time at 41. 
God is my designer and planner, to HIM alone goes the Victory 
and to Him alone will I sing praises!!!


  1. sendings prayers to you this morning!

  2. Wishing you all the peace you need to accept his plan for you and your family! :) and keeping my finger's crossed for ya!