3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us your Life - Beauty Tips and Favorite Products

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today's assignment for Kelly's Korner Show Us your Life, is Beauty Tips and Favorite Products.  Now it shouldn't have to be said, that I am not a QUEEN of Beauty or Fashion, I just do the best I can but could really use some professional help, HA. 

I am lucky, my girlfriend MaryKate is a professional esthetician (her website Beccas Beauty), and about two years ago she and I reconnected through facebook, we went to high school together almost 20 years ago.  
To my blessed surprise MaryKate lives about 3 hours from me in Myrtle Beach.  Anyway, MaryKate remembered my skin tone from high school, and provided me with her professional esthetician advice on what 20 years had done to my skin, asked me a bunch of questions about my skin and care of it, and also analyzed my picture, and  then she sent me a wonderful packet of products based on the fact that I HATE the feel of makeup on my skin.  She hooked me up with Arbonne and bareMinerals products, and I have loved them every since.  Of course I am a person who feels they need to use up the product they have before moving onto a new one, so I am still finishing up my supply of Arbonne and L'Oreal products (love them too, but love bareMinerals for my makeup more).

MaryKate wants to work with me in person the next time she sees me and she can get me to herself without my boys hanging on me.  The last time I saw MK we were on family vacation in MB and our time was tight and we didn't have time for a full makeover session of her teaching me better ways to apply my makeup.  I can't wait until we get the chance to Girl Gab and Play.


I am a FAITHFUL consumer of TRESemme haircare products from the time it was in salons only, to now when I can pick it up almost anywhere.  I generally use a basic Dove body soap, not really fond of this one that I am using right now because it has an exfoliant in it, and I don't like that but it has a LOVELY smell and if you like an exfoliant then this is great.
I follow my shower with a series of Arbonne products, a energizing body spray, a body serum, and finally a all over body lotion. LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell and feel of these products on my skin.

This is where the rest of the magical transformation from RUNDOWN Mom to Beauty Queen happens, HAHAHAHA!
TRESemme hairspray and mouse, Pantene Scrunching Gel, and Bb Styling Creme.  I am not really much for styling my hair on a daily basis, pretty much put it back in a clip or scrunchie.  BUT, on Sunday's I usually pull out these products to tame my wild curls and look a little more respectable.

My makeup drawer and all the magical tools it holds, hehe.
I use a four step system for Daily Makeup
1.  Age Perfect liquid foundation by L'Oreal around my eyes and edges of my nose, and on my chin
2.  Arbonne (soon to be replaced my bareMinerals) powder foundation
3.  L'Oreal blush
4.  bareMinerals mineral veil around my eyes and just below my eyebrow to highlight my eyelids.
Then I choose a lip color for the day, most often a lip balm with very little color or a chap stick.
Then I finish off with Este'e Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume or
Ralph Lauren Romance

Night time routine
I wash my face with Arbonne and finish with a mist toner
TWO products I WOULD NOT live without by BeautiControl
One is a moisturizer for my face, Skinlogics, I HATE the feel of a heavy moisturizer on my face and really worked with the consultant to find the right one for me.  Skinlogics is perfect and light on my face before bed.
Finally, I use this other product pretty much all day, the Extreme Hand Repair Cream.  My hands get very dry and cracked especially this time of season and this saves me so much literal pain.

Well that is it for my beauty tips, at 41 years old, I am still told I look like I am in my early 30's and I am proud of the fact that I have kept up with taking care of my skin and using as little product that might damage my skin over the years.


  1. I love Bare Minerals too! My MIL swears by Arbonne products, I need to try them! Have a great weekend

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