3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Us your Life - Collections

This Friday Kelly over at Kelly's Korner has Show Us your Life - Collections
Well I am a little late posting because of illness in our home, 
but I wanted to share my favorite collections with you.

I started collecting antique books when I was in my late teens, I know kinda young to have a passion for old books.  BUT, I walked into a really great book store, you know, the kind with old wood shelves stuffed with great books and antique well worn upholstered chairs inviting you to sit and read at your leisure.  My first book was a 1912 copy of Polyanna (the blue book in the middle of the shelf with water stains on the binding).

This is my collection of antique Winnie the Pooh books

The other thing that I collect is spoons from around the world.  This collection began with two spoons that I picked out myself as a souvenir when we lived in England and visited the Queen's crown jewels housed in the Jewel House of the Tower of London .  After that my father bought a spoon for me when ever he traveled outside of the United States and I collected other spoons from the US and around the world whenever I traveled.
This is my collection from outside of the United States
My favorite ones, besides my first two the long twisted silver stem with a nested stone from Brazil and the Totem Pole from Canada.

And this is my collection from within the United States
this is one of my favorites from Williamsburg, VA
from Epcot Center, Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
Finally a spoon given to me by a lady in my church when I was growing up in Connecticut, it isn't from a state, but I have a feeling it is special and has some value.  This spoon is a John F. Kennedy commemorative spoon.

One day I hope to have a coffee table with a glass top and inset display case that I can put all these spoons out for family and friends to enjoy.  I have never really liked the wall mounted spoon display rack, so one day the spoons will make it out of my hope chest and on display.  Until then my spoons sit safely tucked away for me to pull out on rainy days and enjoy, and one day show off to my boys.

Do you collect anything?  If so what?  It isn't too late, take some pictures and link up over at Kelly's Korner.

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  1. Love the spoon with a rock on it (or that's what it looks like anyways). So cool!
    Love you collection. I have colored glass from my husbands granny, thimbles from my mama, agates my son helps me collect, penquins my hubby collects and fire trucks, both little and real.
    Thanks for sharing, just blog hopping and happened to stop by. Take care and God Bless!