3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little CHEESE with my WHINE

 It's been a stinker of a day . . . . . two days in a row . . . . . .I could really use a break from all this stinkiness.
  • Woke up at 6:45 and the boys weren't up yet, thought this could be a good thing, but when I stepped into their bedroom to check on them someone had barfed on the floor . . . . . and I found it with my foot.
  • The culprit of the barf, had also managed to barf in his bed and didn't know it. poor baby.
  • After cleaning up the mess on the boys bedroom floor and stripping the bed, my youngest was STILL asleep and I had to wake him up (NEVER a good thing because he is cranky when he gets woken up).
  • Drove Davey to school with the intention that Jon and I would go grocery shopping, FINALLY, after three weeks since going last (we have been sick around here in case you hadn't figured that out).  About half way to the grocery store (31 miles to the one I wanted to go to that had triple coupons), I realized that I didn't have my checkbook.
  • Went to our local Walmart to pick up the things I needed for tonight WNS at church with the cash I had on hand, Jon refused to walk and kept dropping to his knees in the parking lot.
  • Got into the grocery store and started shopping only to realize I had left the envelope with the cash in my car and had to go back out to get it.
  • Made it through grocery shopping and home.  When we got out of the car Jon decided to hide on me in the garage instead of listening to me and coming into the house.
  • Once I caught the little man, he once again refused to walk and he and I had WWIII in our driveway (YES there was a witness, someone walking the neighbors dog).  Ended up carrying him by the scruff of his jacket while my other arm was filled with groceries.
  • Prepared the chili for church supper and was moving onto the dessert when I realized I didn't have any eggs (had to borrow some from mom, she was 1 short of what I needed, OH WELL).
  • Went to move the dog bed so I could sweep the floor in the dining room area and found that the cat had PEE SOAKED the dog bed for the `1000th time AGAIN.  Bagged up the dog bed (that cost us over $50 bucks) and its going to the dump, I am NOT cleaning that thing again.
  • Came back inside and had to disinfect mop the whole dining room, because besides the pee soaked dog bed, while I was cleaning up the dog bed, Jon had dumped his lunch in the floor.
  • Finally got little man down for a nap, normally 2 hours of peace for me . . . . . he lasted 1/2 hour.
OH YEAH and did I mention I AM SICK!
and I STILL need to grocery shop, we are running out of everything.

Yes I need a little cheese with my WHINE ;-)


  1. Oh, you deserve to whine a little!!

    I'm visiting for the first time, and I log your blog. Come on over for some mom encouragement and inspiration.

    (I have FOUR boys!)

  2. Oh my, you get any cheese you want for the day you have had! Better yet you deserve some actual WINE! I couldnt imagine! I hear ya on grocery shopping, I need to do so bad!

    Your poor baby with the barf, I hope he feels better!!!