3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Won't you Read to Me? - I See A Monster!

Today over at In the Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind Sarah is once again hosting her weekly "Won't you read to me Wednesday?".  I didn't get to participate last week because my littlest was sick and I had to cook for the church.  This week, I am sick and I had to cook for the church once again (read about that HERE), and the youngest is still sick, but I didn't want to miss posting one of our favorite books for "WYRTMW?" two weeks in a row.
Our book this week is I see a Monster! by Laurie Young, illustrated by Daniel J. Mahoney and published by Piggy Toes Press. We have a lot of books by Piggy Toes Press, they publish some of the most delightful pop-up and touch & feel books I have ever found for my boys.  I see a Monster is one of my 2 little Boys favorites because in the end the THEY become a part of the story.
The story is of a little boy looking for friendly monsters around his house, and with each turn of the page he finds a new fuzzy, scratchy, scaly, soft, or smooth funny monster.  My boys really laugh at the pictures and have fun touching each of the monsters when they find them.  What we like the most is that Davey, our 4 year old, has started guessing (more like memorizing) the place where the monster is hiding based on the rhyme of the last word in the sentence "I see a monster, . . . . .".  It is really great for beginning readers and their understanding of rhyming words like Red and Bed.  In the end the little boy has found all the monsters, but he see's somebody new - and on the facing page is a mirror and your little one will see their own face, its You.
Go HERE to Amazon.com to pick up your copy for a little one in your life, 
ya'll will have a lot of fun reading it together.

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  1. How cute! I love finding books that are entertaining, as well as, introduce rhyming or aliteration. And I like that you added a link to Amazon where you can find the book. Good idea! ~Blessings on your day!