3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who am I?

Lately I have been having a bit of a pity party because for the past 20 days my house has been attacked by sickness.  Little Jon started us off with a double ear infection, shortly followed by Davey and I getting bronchitis and my husband a terrible cold, and now I have two little ones with the stomach virus from  H. .  E . .  Double Hockey Sticks.  My poor boy Davey was up from 1 ish until 5:30 am pouring his poor guts out into the porcelain king only to continue again when he finally woke up around 8:15.

But just a little bit ago I was doing my daily Google Reader Role and found this post from Stephanie at Hope in a Boys World, one of my favorite blogs to read.  She wrote about a girl she used to know named Christi who is truly walking in the JOY of God's peace and presence in the face of something that would destroy most.  I felt so ashamed of my "Poor Me" attitude and cried as I read and then watched the video.  So I wanted to share Stephanie's post with you and ask you to pray for Christi, her precious princesses, and her wonderful Man of God.  And I wanted to ask you if you are showing God's grace, JOY, and peace when your under attack?  If not, maybe like me, you will be inspired by Christi's story and touched by the video of her family.

"About 7 or 8 years ago, I met a girl named Christi. She and her husband had moved to Chattanooga to be a part of Calvary Chapel. He is a pastor there. They have 4 young daughters. I watched her. She had so much grace and there was just something about her that was captivating. I remember watching her with her newborn and wanting to be like her. She was so beautiful and gentle-so full of joy. Jesus was obvious in her life- His glory on display through her.
I used to think, "I need a green jacket like that so I can look beautiful like she does". I would buy a green jacket but didn't look as beautiful as she did. I would think, "I want jeans like that so I can look as beautiful as she does", but, again, it didn't work. What I didn't realize was that it wasn't her clothes that made her so beautiful. She IS naturally beautiful...
but it was Jesus in her that was so amazing.
She knew Him in a way that I didn't.
HE is Who is so captivating.
It wasn't her green jacket.
About 4 years ago, Christi found out she had breast cancer. She had to have aggressive chemo and radiation. She had a double mastectomy and horrible surgeries. She had no hair but she didn't wear a wig. She was still beautiful and still radiating Jesus- now even more. I remember her husband saying she read the book of Philippians so much that it was falling out of her Bible.
She never stopped trusting God. She never stopped praising His name. She never stopped worshipping Him. Many lives were touched and changed by their faith.
Well, 4 years passed and her beautiful hair grew back. Their lives had returned to normal and cancer was "in the past". Until recently. :(
It is back. It is in her lung and her brain and it is not good. Please pray for this family. I wish I knew Christi more because I want to learn from her. I want to love and trust God the way she does. It is mind-blowing how steadfast she and her husband have remained no matter what is thrown at them.
She has taught me so much even though we aren't close friends. I just watch. As does the world.
Pray for a miracle.
We are asking God to supernaturally heal her. Pray for God's grace to cover their family. They are the REAL DEAL and they are going through a trial like most of us will never know.
I don't understand why God has allowed this tragedy in their lives but you cannot help but see His beauty being poured out through their family."
(read the photographers words HERE and view the video he made below)
Hug your husband. Hug your children.
Draw nearer to Jesus.
Pray for Christi.


The Engels Family from Rich Smith on Vimeo.


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