3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2nd Giveaway for our 100 Followers Celebration!

Tomorrow kicks off our 2nd giveaway of the month Celebration of 100 Followers and I would like to introduce you to our second giveaway sponsor Erin Elizabeth Jewelery.  I love when someone uses their talents to produce something beautiful and functional, and at Etsy you can find many designers of handmade products.  I was found Erin Elizabeth Jewelery when I was doing a general search for jewelery and stumbled across this beautiful necklace with a shamrock, a green stone, and a large pearl, I was in love at first sight.  Erin Elizabeth Jewelery makes handmade jewelery and for our first giveaway Erin Elizabeth Jewelery is donating the very necklace I fell in love with, the Lucky You Necklace will go to one of my lucky readers.

This giveaway will run from tomorrow 
March 8th - March 14th
the winner will be announced on March 15th

So without further ado please meet shop owner:
Erin Elizabeth

How did you get started on Etsy? 
It was 2005, just days after Hurricane Katrina. I was looking for some way to help, but I didn’t have a lot of money. I was just starting my jewelry business and was involved with The Sampler. Through The Sampler I heard about this group of crafter's who were banding together to raise money for the Red Cross and were looking for donations of handmade items to sell on Etsy. I donated a few items to the Craft Revolution Etsy shop, purchased a few items for myself and quickly became hooked on Etsy.

How did you decide on the name for your shop? 
My jewelry is very personal to me, so it seemed fitting that I use my own name for it. I have met so many people through my Etsy shop who share my name!

Where do you get inspiration for the items in your shop?
I get inspiration from everywhere. I love to sift through my beads and let the beads show me how they would like to be used. I’m always looking at colors and textures, and have been inspired by things such as a stack of mens shirts in a store, a beautiful homemade meal, photographs and long walks in the woods.

What item is your personal favorite?
I don’t know that I can pick a favorite! I love the front closing necklaces with big gemstones hanging from them, but I also love the delicate tiny necklaces. I think the Rough Waters Necklace is currently my favorite piece in the shop as I’m trying to incorporate more metalworking into my jewelry and I love that huge nugget of Moss Aquamarine.

Do you make custom orders?
I do! I love custom orders. I love to hear from people who are excited about tweaking my designs to make a piece their own or want me to create a new piece that will have a special meaning for them..

How many years have you been creating?
I've been creating as long as I can remember! I grew up in a very creative family, full of quilters, woodworkers, painters and needle workers. We were always making something as kids, but I started making jewelry in 1999 when I moved to Washington DC by myself. I found a local bead shop and began teaching myself how to make things, but didn’t really start making jewelry on a regular basis until I opened my Etsy shop..

How long has your Etsy shop been open? 
I joined Etsy in August 2005 to participate in the fundraising shop I mentioned earlier but didn’t start selling until February 2006.

Are you running any current promotions or coupons? 
Sure! I’d love to give the readers of your blog a 15% discount on everything in my shop. Please mention 100 followers in the Notes to Seller when you checkout and I’ll refund 15% of the purchase price. This deal will end March 31st 2010.

What is my biggest hurdle?
I work a full time job on top of running my Etsy shop, so I feel as though I am constantly working. Creating calms me down and makes me feel peaceful and happy, so it’s completely worth it. I make at least one new piece every night after I get home from work, but sometimes the day job takes so much out of me that it’s tough to think creatively. I’ll sit at my bench and start sorting through my incredible collection of beads and that will usually do the trick!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you so much for featuring my shop and congratulations on 100 followers!

 100 Followers Giveaway #2
Beautiful Necklace from Erin Elizabeth Jewelery 

This is the Lucky You Necklace - Peridot, Coin Pearl and Sterling Silver.  A large white Coin Pearl is surrounded by lucky tokens - a grass green Peridot briolette and a Sterling Silver shamrock charm. Sterling Silver chain leads up to a Sterling lobster clasp, framed by two tiny Sterling Silver beads.
This necklace is approximately 17 inches long.

Stop by Erin Elizabeth Jewelery and check out her full product line

Go HERE (link open tomorrow) for more details of the giveaway and to ENTER!


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