3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being Inspired to SPRUCE up the outdoor space

My Ballard Design catalog arrived this week and I am needing a drool bucket for under my chin when it comes to a LOT of their furniture, but especially their outdoor furniture and spaces featured in the current catalog.  Much of the catalog is dedicated to the design skills of Atlanta's Buckhead  interior designer Suzanne Kasler.  Suzanne Kasler is so attuned to the Ballard Designs aesthetic, they're developing new products together. Suzanne uses a neutral palette, spiced with hits of color and haute couture details, to create layered interiors that are elegant, yet warm and inviting. (These are a few images from her portfolio on her website)

We have a lovely, although odd shaped, patio and I would love to make if feel more like a extended room off the house instead of just a space to brush off the shoes, gather the outdoor toys, and feed the pets.  I would really like to add curtains, just to soften the supports of the upper deck, and for sure I want some sort of  bistro style table that would be easy for us to take down when we need more space.  Then I would love to finish of the space with a couple of large chairs, an outdoor rug, and a storage ottoman that could hold smaller toys.  Finally, I would love to have a small water feature, because I love the sound of tickling water in a fountain.  This Corsica collection from the outdoor furniture at Ballard Design is so refreshing, especially in this spa blue color.  I love the rounded shape of the Corsica pieces and the detail of the twist in the arms.
Doesn't that just look like a wonderful space to sit and read a design magazine or good book, while sipping on your morning tea, listening (in my case) to the sound of the river, and watching the kids playing in the back yard.  Seeing that space in catalog is just filling my mind with so many ideas of preparing for out door living, cleaning out the flower beds for lovely spring blooms, and extending our time that we spend out doors this coming season.

Ummmmmm warmer weather your just around the corner!


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