3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, March 14, 2010

From BEYOND THRILLED . . . . . to a LITTLE deflated

I just found out TODAY that the LIVE APPEARANCE of one of my favorite Christian women role models that I proudly blogged about yesterday, THAT I THOUGHT (lead to believe under very innocent circumstances) was going to be in MY TOWN . . . . .turns out to be

That's right I can't make it to Atlanta to see Beth Moore, WHICH IS WHERE SHE WILL BE on the 24th of April . . . . . so she is coming to me via simulcast, HA!  Can I tell you, when I found this out this morning at church I was just a little more then deflated and I actually used the phrase in front of my BM bible study leader and the pastor's wife
"I feel like somebody just peed in my cornflakes." 
Such a naughty expression, but it just popped out and so fit my feeling about the news.

However MAYBE I will get the chance later this year (when I am only a whopping 7 months waddling along) because she is coming to my area just 4 hours away LIVE according to her schedule, which is a lot closer then Atlanta (8 hours).
August 27-28, 2010
 Living Proof Live - Richmond, VA - Richmond Coliseum
Contact: LifeWay Events, 1-800-254-2022,

Of course this means for now, that I will not get to stand in a line and try to get Beth to sign my book.  AND I will not get a chance to have a picture taken with her, unless they have a cardboard cut out of her that I can stand next to, HA
OH BELIEVE ME if they have one I am standing with the cardboard cut out.

IN the mean time I will attend the SIMULCAST event in my area in just in case I won't be able to attend the LIVE event in August in Richmond, Virginia.
SO I WILL attend the

Havelock, North Carolina event
HOME to the US Marine Corp at Cherry Point
April 24th 10-4(doors open at 9)
at First Baptist Church
tickets: $25 each or 2 for $45

 AND if you live in my area, I hope you will come join. Because I am soooooo STILL going to be THERE, even if I am only seeing Beth on a big screen!!!!!


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  2. So, I kind of thought the same thing. I thought she was actually coming here. You aren't the only one!!