3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home decor that sticks with you through the years

Do you have some items in your home decor that seem to stick with you no matter how your design style may change over the years?  Some accessories that you would much rather find a new home, but you hold onto them because they are sentimental to your husband or they were a wedding gift.  I thought I would share a few of mine that I just can't help but hold onto, and I MAKE them work somehow someway.

The reason this topic is coming up, is because all of the items on my list can be found in two rooms, and it just so happens that these two rooms are going to have to have some major changes in the next few months to make room for baby.
This print currently hangs in our office, which is supposed to become a nursery,  above our desk.  This is a print my husband had in a storage building on his property when we first got married, it was already matted but not yet framed.  When we were starting to toss things to make room for my stuff, we found that this print was signed and numbered so it became worthy of us hanging onto because he liked it.  So just prior to us getting married, my husband surprised me by taking some old barn wood and making a frame for it.  Although the ducks are not really my thing, they are his, and he made this frame so it would be more to my liking and more likely to be hung on the wall.  So although I presently can't think of where else I am going to hang it, I AM going to have to find a new home for it, HA.
This lamp was given to my husband by some of his friends, over the years it has kind of grown on me.  I picked up this lamp shade at Target about 7 years ago.  It works perfectly because it has a faux leather finish to it.  I may try to work this into the boys room somehow, only problem is the theme in their room is airplanes and I am not sure I am ready to change that yet because I made the curtains and I am just not ready to make or find new ones.  SO, for now I have no idea where the cowboy is going to live, but I KNOW I will have to find a home for him too.
This fantastic trunk is a family heirloom from my husband's family.  Again, this presently lives in the office and it is filled with old family photo's that we have yet to put into albums.  My husband seems to think we will need to move this to our large storage unit, but I am having a hard time moving such a treasure into storage.  I am hoping that when we get the boys bunk beds later this spring, that I can somehow work this into their room.
I actually LOVE this table and I am very emotionally attached to it.  This table was in my grandparents home, and just before my grandmother passed away, she invited me to go over to her home and see if there where any pieces I wanted for my new apartment when I first moved to North Carolina.  I selected this table, 4 ladder back chairs, and an old rocker.  I will move this into the nursery and set it up as a changing table like we did when Davey first arrived into our lives.  This table is not very comfortable for a dinning table because the cross braces really get in the way of properly pulling up to the table.  BUT I just can't help but love it anyway.
When I was 16 my parents let me pick my own hope chest.  At the time the low hope chests with cushioned cross point fabric details, were very popular.  Even then I was already drawn to unusual furniture pieces and I selected this one because I loved the fact that it sat up taller then other hope chests, I loved the shape of the feet and skirt, I loved the fact that it DIDN'T have an upholstered top (which I knew would be very dated someday).  Only problem, is that to me this style has still locked me into a country style due to the type of wood and the detail on the front.  So when we are looking for beds, this is the style I look at most of the time.
Ashby King size bed from Pottery Barn

Finally, no matter where I go, or how my design style changes, this quilt will ALWAYS be a part of my home.  This quilt was given to us as a wedding present by a very dear friend of ours.  When we first married I decorated our home in Americana, and this quilt has a big old American star in the middle of it.  I take this quilt with us when ever we travel, each time I checked into the hospital when the boys were born, I use it in family photo shoots in the backyard, and I curl up with it for naps or TV watching.  It is my forever quilt and no matter how the master bedroom changes it will be in our room.

So what decor items will be with you no matter how your style changes? AND How do you make them work in your home and with your style now?

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