3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Won't you Read to Me? - Audrey Wood Alphabet books

In the Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind hosts a weekly event called Won't You Read to Me?
My boys and I love books and this alphabet series of books by mother-son duo Audrey Wood and illustrator Bruce Wood is a few of my 2 little Boys favorites.
We first stumbled across these books at the gift shop attached to the Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Ha.  My husband fell in love with it and wanted to buy it for the boys library at home, so our first one was Alphabet Mystery.  The whole series of books is about the adventures that "Charley's Alphabet" goes on.
The images are bright and engaging for my 2 little Boys, they love exploring every inch of each page looking for the letters, calling them out, and in parts of the story Davey points out what they stand for like Q = Quilt.  In Alphabet Mystery, all the lower case letters are going to bed when they start calling out by name (kinda like on the Walton's) when they realize one of the letters didn't call out . . . . . x is missing.  So the rest of the lower case letters set out to find the little x and hop on one of Charley's pencil's to go in search of him.  They find the lower case x at the castle of Master M.  However, when they find him, lower case x does not want to go home with them.  Little x feels like he doesn't get used enough back home by Charley, so he would rather stay and dance on the xylophone for Master M.  Eventually little x is convinced to return home because he finds out that Charley plans to use him in a special surprise for his mother's birthday.  Little x finds out that he stands for kisses, and Charley wants to put kisses on his mothers birthday cake.  Very cute store, but even more important is that the kids love the book from page one to the end.

The other books in the series that we love are:
Hope your emerging reader enjoys our favorites this week.
You can get these books on Amazon HERE.


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