3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

I pray you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!

We celebrated our Lord's resurrection by attending our church sunrise service.  We got up at 5AM and left for the church by 6AM, we made sure to take Jon's stroller with us because we knew there wouldn't be childcare during this service.  It was very lovely being outside beneath the cross, singing praises to our Lord Jesus and hearing a message on His death and resurrection.  I did have to take Jon into the church about half way through the service because he was getting fussy and we were on the front row. After the service we sat down with our church family and had breakfast together until the Sunday school hour.
After church we returned home to have a Easter egg hunt with the boys, dinner with the family, and naps for Jon and I.  I am sure you are noticing that we had some coordination of our clothing colors ;-)  I am so grateful that my men work with me and my desire for us to match, AND they will wear pink for me, HA.
Our 2 little Boys getting into their Easter baskets.  Both boys had a new DVD's (Curious George 2 and Diego's Arctic Rescue), Bunny catch games, Pez Candy, Chocolate Easter Bunny, race car, and a Veggie Tales Easter egg with jelly beans inside.  Davey also had a new bible for him to take to church each week now that he is old enough to begin to read words.

The Easter Egg Hunt
Uncle Calvin helping Jon locate some eggs in the flower bed.
The boys comparing how many eggs they found.

We had a beautiful day with the Lord and the family 
He has blessed us with, we pray you did as well.

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  1. Your pictures look lovely. Yes, we had a wonderful Easter celebration too.

    God bless!