3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review & Giveaway for 0-24 Month Closet Clothing Dividers

We are celebrating the new addition that will joining our family in October by having One Month of Baby Giveaway's.  Our Fifth giveaway is from a lovely Etsy shop called Potato Patch.  I found Potato Patch when I was doing a search through Etsy for great baby products for our newest addition.  Potato Patch has many wonderful products from artwork, to teachers stickers, to fantastic children's shirts and rompers, to my favorite product and our giveaway item, 0-24 Clothing Dividers.
Our fifth giveaway is for a set of Safari Zoo Animals Closet Clothing Dividers for Boys and Girls - Set of 5 Assorted 0-24 months.  These Clothing Dividers are fantastic to help you organize your little ones closet as you purchase adorable clothes and receive baby shower gifts.  I have already put my set of Funny Farm Animals Closet Clothing Dividers to work to organize and hang up my sweet little ones wardrobe.  The best thing I have found, is that once I organized the babies clothes, I could clearly see what size range I still need to purchase and which one I can slow down or stop buying for.

The Clothing Dividers are made on sturdy plastic with adorable images that are perfect for the parents that don't yet know the sex of the new little angel, to choosing some very girlie or boyish images.  the Potato Patch provides some perfect baby shower gifts, but the clothing dividers are by far my favorite because they help the parents to be to get organized right from the start of their little ones life.

Here are a few more products from the Potato Patch

Stop by the Potato Patch
and check out all of her wonderful products.

Go HERE for all the details to enter this giveaway.


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