3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy weekend Part I - Davey's Birthday DAY

We have a very busy weekend ahead that is kicking off with a FULL day of birthday celebrations for Davey.  The rest of our weekend is filled with travel, museums, and graduations events (I will blog about these events later).

Today we celebrated Davey's 5th birthday and our day kicked off with taking Davey to preschool and then picking up a Transformers Cupcake Cake for him to share with his friends during snack time.  After I dropped off is cake, I rushed home to help my MoG and Jon set up the picnic/bike riding birthday party we had planned for Davey after school.  Then I rushed back to the school to meet Davey at 11:00 for the annual Mother's Day Tea that the preschool has every year the Friday before Mother's Day. (A friend took a picture of Davey and I which I hope to add later)

So, although it was hot, we had a great time with the kids.  I got bubble wands for the party guests to take home as party favors, but the kids had a blast playing with them during the party.  We also asked the parents to bring their child's bike so the kids could ride bike's up and down our driveway, they had fun trading bikes.
My husband had his grill setup and we had burgers, hotdogs, chips, and salads for the adults, along with fruit salad to encourage some healthy eating for the kids.  We had a full day of cakes (and one more to be had the next night) but we had a great day with Davey and his friends from school.
Davey and his BEST FRIEND Melody Joy
Davey's 2nd cake of the day, a ice cream cake.  
Believe me we needed it . . . . . it was HOT outside!

Happy 5th Birthday Davey!
Now it's time for naps and then packing for the trip away for the weekend.

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  1. A very busy weekend indeed. I hope he had a wonderful bday!