3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, May 7, 2010

HGTV Green Home 2010 - Second floor and Tower Room

Take a look inside the second floor and tower room 
of the HGTV 2010 Green Home.

Sitting Room - now I will have to be honest, although I think this space is cute in its design, I get frustrated with HGTV on these design homes when they are not practical.  I think it would have been MUCH MORE functional, if instead of two small sitting areas (this one and the tower space), that they would have figured out a way to provide another bedroom space, the average family of today, even on vacation needs three bedrooms.
 I LOVE the staircase, it reminds me a lot of the staircase in the movie Practical Magic (one of my favorites because of the house).
Practical Magic staircase (courtesy of Hooked on Houses)

Master Bedroom - I love this space all the way around.  I love the balance of the two doors on either side of the bed, one which really is a closet, and the other is a hidden full length mirror.  WAY to provide form, function, and good design.  Although, I am not sure WHY they felt they also had to lean another full length mirror against the wall, and right next to the door to the built in full length mirror, surely they could have used that pretty mirror someplace else.  Of COURSE I love the large walk in closet and it's ample storage options.  The Master Bathroom is fantastic and again I love how they took advantage of the high ceiling to make the shower look like it had a shed roof.
Master Bathroom
Master Closet

Kids Room - The colors in this room are so fantastic, and I love the bunk beds made from pipe.  HOWEVER, I have a problem with the lack of a closet and the sink being accessible and open to the bedroom.  IF, this were to be a HOME for someone and not just a vacation home, the lack of a closet in this room would be a big problem for a room designed for two children.  Having the sink accessible to the room rankles me as a mom just because I know with my 2 little Boys, that is an open invitation for a water fight in the room and toys getting a bath on a regular basis.  

Tower room - this is a great bonus space and I think they made good use of it within the house with the small glass top desk and chaise under the window.

I hope you enjoyed the pictorial tour of the HGTV Green home. I hope you don't take my opinion to strongly, I have always looked at houses this way, on TV, when visiting a open house, picking a home, I pick it apart from a design perspective and from a functional perspective.  Don't get me wrong, if I were to win this home, I would gladly accept it and be gracious for the blessed gift. I just think it's important for designers to think outside the box, but to also think of what has to happen on a daily basis and function within the box.  I would accept this house for the wonderful broad farmhouse porches with it's inviting red wicker chairs without even having to step through the front door, this is a cozy home I would be HAPPY to have.

When I studied architecture in school and after graduation worked with a couple of architectural firms, I saw too many designs where YES it was "cool" or pretty, but the designer didn't think of how the furniture could be arranged let alone GET INTO the room or didn't think about hidden storage. I guess that is why I will never be the next Frank Owen Gehry, I just don't think that way, I think in the terms of Form MEETS Function.  I will stick with my Interior Design career when it's time for me to get back to a career outside of my home, and I will keep coming up with lovely functional floor plans, yummy mixtures of textures and fabrics, and beautiful accessories, and let someone else workout the engineering ;-)

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