3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy weekend Part III - My Nieces Graduation

My lovely niece Hilary (she has her own blog called Daily Musings) Graduated this weekend from Meredith College with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English under the Teaching Fellow's program. Hilary plans to continue her studies at ECU, a little closer to home, and get her Masters and certification in teaching, Hilary hopes to teach high school when she is done with her formal education (God Bless her).

I am so proud of Hilary, stepping out in life and trying to truly push her education to its limits, working through her years of study at Meredith, and taking advantage of the opportunities that her education at Meredith offered her.  Last year, Hilary even got to take a study abroad trip with her teaching fellows program to Oxford, England.  We tried so hard to work out a large family trip, because my family lived there for a little over a year when my father got stationed out of London with his company back in the late 70's.  Our family holds very fond memories of England, and we truly hoped to rekindle some of those sweet moments while Hilary was there, but alas it didn't work out for the whole family, but Hilary had a great experience and time in England.
So Mother's Day weekend, we packed up the car and the kids and headed for Raleigh for a family weekend and celebration of Hilary's graduation from Meredith College.  Personally I don't know why so many colleges plan graduations on Mother's Day, but it is what it is.  So on May 9th, at 10AM in the morning on a chili Raleigh Mother's Day morning, we proudly watched our girl graduate.
Hilary walking by where we sat under the trees at the top of the amphitheater.
My family, as we wait in the chill for the graduation to begin
Back row:  Hilary's sisters Cassandra, and Calli (seated next to Calli is her boyfriend CJ)
Middle row:  My sister (Hilary's mom) April, my sister's MIL Joan, and my Mom
Front row:  my SIL Paula, and my Dad
Davey keeping busy with his Leap Frog books
 little Jon pretends like he is fishing, maybe he hoped to catch a cute Meredith Girl while she passed
So glad I brought a bag of toys for SOME distraction
my MoG keeping up with little Jon
My sister April, Hilary, and my BIL Calvin
So proud of you Hilary, and I pray God blesses you in your future adventures of education and life!


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