3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Your Kids (or future kid's) Names

This Friday I was kinda in the middle my first born's 5th Birthday party, so I didn't get to post this before I went away for the weekend for my nieces college graduation.

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a Show Us Your Life activity about our kids names OR Future Kids names.  For the most part picking our boys names came pretty easy to us.  We had a short list of about 5-6 boy and girl names when we were pregnant the first time.  We KNEW that if it was a boy, and we kinda suspected from the beginning that it would be because of my husbands family line, that we wanted to name him after my husband.  So soon after our week 18 ultrasound, baby #1 became, David Errol Cole Jr.

When we were blessed enough to become pregnant again, we truly prayed that our little one would be a girl.  So although we had some boy names picked out, we mostly focused on girl names and fell in love with one in particular.  We selected the name Mattie Mae, selecting this name started with me sitting down with my mother and looking through the family tree when we stumbled onto a name I loved, my great great maternal grandmother named Mattie.  Selecting the middle name became very easy, we wanted to use a name from my husbands side of the family and his only living grandmother Irvie Mae.  However, we never got to use this name, because at our 18 week level 2 ultrasound we found out baby #2 was a boy.  So, going back to the boy list we started narrowing things down.  We wanted to accomplish two things with the name, we wanted it to have a biblical connection to David AND we wanted the middle name to have a connection to my husbands family.  So we choose David's best friend Jonathan for the first name hoping that it would somehow inspire our boys to be friends as well as loving brothers as they grow up together.  Then for the middle name we choose my husbands, father's, father's first name (which also happens to be my husband's uncles name).  So, baby #2 became Jonathan Lawrence Cole.

Now here we are again in the name game with our surprise baby #3 and you would think we would easily slip back to the girl name we hadn't used before . . . . . but no.  Sadly David's grandmother who was the last living grandparent on either side of our families, which is why we wanted to honor her by using part of her name, passed away two years ago this fall.  So we are starting from scratch on names and quiet honestly haven't worked too hard on the boy names again, that's right we are praying to finally get the girl THIS time.  We have actually picked a girls name . . . . . but it is still a secret until we find out what we are having later this month.  So I will have to let you know later this month how we came to settle on our girl name.  (HERE is the post on the baby girl name, now that we know we are being blessed with our PINK dream.)

How did you choose your kids names OR future kids names?

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  1. Choosing a name is so exciting! I always like to see what the meaning of the name is. I love this blog! I have just become a new follower! Hope to see you at Mama's Little Chick!


    Mama Hen