3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Introducing our final Sponsor and SIXTH of our 1 Month of Baby Giveaways

We are celebrating the new addition that will be joining our family in October by having One Month of Baby Giveaway's.  Our final and sixth giveaway is from design {etc.}.  I found design {etc.} through a blog that I follow Growing Our Own Garden when Lianna blogged about a blessing ring she had ordered for her Christmas cards.  I actually went to design {etc.} to check out her blessing rings, but in the process fell in love with so many of design {etc.} other beautiful products.  Ever since I have had design {etc.} on my favorites list because I just know I am going to want several of her products for our baby room once we know if we are having a girl or a boy.  Elaine graciously agreed to be a part of our one month of baby giveaway's, and I am so happy to introduce our final giveaway sponsor and giveaway item.

Business owner Name: Elaine Wheat
How did you get started with your business? My freelance graphic design work was becoming more sporadic after the birth of my first child, and l needed to contribute to our income in a more reliable way. I always have a project (or ten!) going and gave many handmade things as gifts to friends and loved ones. I desperately wanted to continue to work from home, and so some of my friends suggested I start a business selling the stuff I made. I decided to give it a shot, not confident I would ever have any orders, other than from said friends;)  But God has blessed my little business beyond my wildest dreams and I have claimed Ephesians 3:20 as design {etc}'s verse! 

Ephesians 3:20 (NIV)

 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,

How did you decide on the name for your business? I originally set up design {etc} as the DBA for my freelance graphic design.  I had done a few custom canvases and things for people, so I decided to make it a vague name...so that the "design" umbrella could cover me if I ever went in a different direction. Not the cutest or most exciting name, but it works!
Where do you get inspiration for the items? I used to work for a publishing company in the craft industry, and was exposed to so many creative people and ideas. I am also a magazine junkie. My inspiration often comes from several different places, combined into one thing taken in a whole new direction. If that makes sense?! My clients are also a huge part of my inspiration. To me, that's one of the most fun things about doing custom work! I love it when I am asked to create something different or a one of a kind piece. My clients are amazing and come up with ideas that I never would have thought of...so fun!
What item is your personal favorite? I have two favorites. I love the blocks...they are just something so different and such a neat gift that can be customized for any age or occasion. I also love the verse boards. God's word is our armor and I think it's so neat to be able to have a verse that is special to you in your home as a daily reminder of God's purpose and direction for your life.
Do you make custom orders? Yes, everything I do is custom. 
What is your biggest hurdle with running your business? Hmmm...do I have to pick one?! Since the birth of my second child last October, my time is just much more limited. My production time decreased, and my business has increased...a good problem to have, but can be a little overwhelming when you're operating as a one woman show;) My husband is wonderful to watch the kiddos after he gets home from work, but most of the time I am working into the wee hours after the rest of my family has gone to bed. I think I just struggle with what most working moms do...maintaining my priorities between family and work...and trying to do the best I possibly can at both.
How many years have you been creating? Off and on for the last 10 or 15 years.
How long have you been operating your business publicly? Since August 2008.

Our final and sixth giveaway is for a set of 3 CUSTOM Initial Vintage Wooden Blocks from design {etc.}. These beautiful blocks will be designed according to your nursery OR home decor (go to the design {etc.} (link to block images) website to see examples of her custom work).  These blocks are not intended as toys, they are nursery decor only but they are so beautiful and will hold such wonderful personal memories for you that you will display them for many years.

Here are a few more products from design {etc.}
The Blessing Ring is great to collect all those beautiful cards and notes from loved ones from special occasions like baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas. Order a blessing ring for each of your children or to collect your Christmas cards each year instead of throwing them in a box or worse yet, in the trash.  Keep the carefully written words from those you love on display all the time.  Go HERE to see more blessing ring designs and to order your custom ring from design {etc.}


Stop by design {etc.}
and check out all of her wonderful custom products.

This giveaway will run for two weeks and end on May 16th.
Go HERE for details and to enter.


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