3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You gotta make MESS to get things Straight

I started the process today of cleaning out some of the office and re-arranging the boys room to accommodate the furniture pieces we plan to move into their room so that we can convert the office to a nursery for little Sister.  The problem is you ALWAYS make a big mess re-arranging in order to get things the way you want them.  As you can see I am definitely making a MESS.
  The book shelf will be moved to the boys room tonight when J gets up from his nap and my husband gets home from work.   The plan is to secure it to the wall so it isn't a tipping hazard.  Then I will put books on the upper two shelves so the boys can start having access to some of their books.  Then on the lower shelves I will put some of their bins of toys.  I am trying to loosen up a SMIDGE and give them the ability to access their toys, and teach them they are responsible for picking them up each night before bedtime and putting toys away where they should be.  It's a process but I am getting better ;-)  Normally their toys are in their bedroom closet, which is secured so they can't open it, and they have to ask for a toy, and can only have one toy each at one time.  I am slowly working on changing, HA.
This is the collection of books I am going to put on the boys shelves. 
(And this is only HALF of the kids books)
This dresser/changing table will be changed out this summer to a dresser that matches the boys bunkbed set.  The new dresser is a bit wider and taller and SHOULD accommodate both of the boys clothes.  HOPEFULLY we will also have J potty trained this summer and that will be the end of a whole drawer filled with diapers and pullups, and of course the end of needing a changing table in their room.
The blank wall between the windows is where we will put the book shelf.  The dresser to the right will be where we put the trunk from the office.  The trunk will not be anything but decorative and MAY hold a small TV from our bedroom because we plan to get a new small flat screen for our room that can mount to the wall (more in another post about the changes coming to our room).
Final changes still to come to the boys room will include finding a retro western fabric to makeover the boys curtains, something like this.   I found it HERE, I like that the green already goes with the boys wall color now and so I will just have to touch up the room.
So keep watching for more changes to BOTH rooms, as we make the boys room more of a place to play and hang out to read, and we change the home office into a little girls room.


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