3 little Miracles

3 little Miracles

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Custom Clothing Dividers from the Potato Patch

I am so excited that Robynne at the Potato Patch (another of my favorite Etsy shops) is going to make me a custom set of clothing dividers for my little girls closet.  As some of you know, back in April I had a giveaway on my G&R blog for a set of these fun and functional clothing dividers for a babies closet.  At the same time as the giveaway I also ordered a second set for my own little baby on the way to begin sorting through the clothes I already had.

I LOVE the 5-pc set I bought for Rachel's closet, it has been great being able to see clearly what sizes I have PLENTY of already, and where I still need to add more clothes.  However, a little bump in the road I have run into is that Robynn's standard 5-pc set for babies clothing dividers starts with 0-3, and yet I am finding that Newborn is much shorter in length then 0-3.  In addition, some of my friends with little girls, are generously already offering me clothes that go beyond 24 months, so it would be nice to start sorting through those as well.

So I contacted Robynn at the Potato Patch and asked if she would be willing to make me a custom set with the sizing Newborn, 24 months, 2T, 3T, & 4T and she said YES.  At first I asked for another of the same set we already have only with my custom sizes, but Robynn recommended that I order the size 2-6 Funny Farm Animals only with my sizing needs printed on them.  WHAT a GREAT idea!!!  Now the funny farm will grow from just having a Cow Horse, Pig, Sheep, and Chick, to also having a Chicken, Goat, Duck, Mouse, and Bunny, HA.

These clothing dividers are so cute, Robynn has so many designs to meet your decor, and they will be functional well after you little one grows out of their clothing because you can continue to use them to sort clothes for re-sale or storage.  Just purchase a clear rubber trunk, use packing tape to attach a ziplock bag to the inside end of the trunk (ziplock side up).  This way you can insert the clothing divider ring into the zip lock bag and when you stack your containers you will be able to clearly see the clothing sorted inside.

These dividers also make FANTASTIC baby shower gifts, so head on over to the Potato Patch and check our Robynn's selection of clothing dividers and other products.


  1. Those are super cute!! :)

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